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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Eeeee I love a good magazine freebie. Resisted last months, but thought I had to give some of them a go this month.

I am really getting back into my nails at the moment so I went for the magazines that seemed to fit my need appropriately!

As you can this month you can get an Ciate Nail Polish with Marie Claire and an Elle Nail Polish with Elle Magazine (funny that haha).

I have chosen quite muted colours because I wanted to be able to get good use out of them - it's not really appropriate for me to wear too much colour on the nails at work! So I went for nude and grey.

I'm excited to try these and will show you what they look like on very shortly!!

Oooo and in case you hadn't noticed - there is also a nice travel sized Dove Hair Conditioner with Marie Claire! Can't complain!


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