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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So whilst going through my eyemakeup drawer over the weekend I found I had far more Gosh eyeliners than I remembered. Thinking back I had quite the obsession which I remember stemmed from a couple of friends I have wearing coloured eyeliner very well.

I tried it and unfortunately couldn't rock the look quite so well. Despite this I can't bring myself to get rid of these just in case.

Colour-wise most of these are pretty inpractical but I go through phases and will from time to time wear the teal one on a daily basis to line the top of my eyes. The others I'll be honest I hardly ever use(d).

In terms of how they wear and last though I do like Gosh eyeliners. They are long lasting, creamy and easy to apply. It does help if you heat them slightly before applying (hairdryer technique) but even if not they aren't like some of the other scratchy ones I have used in the past.

The two outer liners are twist up whereas the rest are pencils. The pencils are better for precision as you can sharpen them into a fine point.

They can be purchased at Superdrug, and do of course come in standard colours as well as these!


  1. I love how pigmented they are, and they just look so nice! They remind of MAC, I have the 'Woody Green' one and it just looks amazing. I also love that they aren't too expensive. These and the No7 metallic ones are my favourite!

    Love this post xx

  2. @That Girl - Thanks hun. It is good how pigmented they are. And cheap. Can't go wrong! x


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