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Thursday, 18 August 2011

For those of you that were following the blog from the beginning should remember that I was always a serum user, with one of my favourites being the VIE one I had tried around May/June last year.

I really enjoyed using it at the time and thought that I would repurchase it when I ran out. For whatever reason (which I believe to be lack of stockists in my area) I didn't.

Since then I haven't really got back into the whole serum thing. I haven't found a good cheap one (and yes I tried and used No7's for a while but it didn't wow me unfortunately) and I just haven't been willing to fork out for an expensive one like I used to.

My skin is fine. It got dry in winter and needed exfoliation at times as it does in the summer months also but on the whole it is clear and healthy. The issues I have are larger pores, primarily on the cheeks, which can look slightly awful if foundation isn't applied well.

Despite my skin being ok for the most part though I would still like to go back to using serums. There is just something that feels slightly more luxurious when you apply a nice light, beautiful smelling serum before a moisturiser.

However, I wonder if I am being conned and if it is that luxurious feeling only that makes me go back. I mean, my skin is fine without it. I have also had a similar feeling about primers because those that I have tried on the whole don't make a big enough difference for me to keep buying and using.

What do you think? Do you have any serums you swear by? Or primers that make a huge difference?

I hear Estee Lauder have a new(ish) one that is meant to be good, but although I used their serums for years I am not sure now whether it was the product or the feeling of satisfaction that comes from looking after your skin that made me keep going back...


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