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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

So whilst in my local Sainsburys the other day I picked up this little tub of Nivea. It's something I have had over the years and go back to from time to time.

It's very thick in formula but slightly easier to blend than Sudocrem.

I like this product because it really is great for moisturising dry chapped skin as well as just normal skin. I've even been using it on my face over the past few days. It acts as a great makeup base, but the downside is that skin does become oilier quicker when using this.

Great in that it keeps you moisturised for ages, but downside is that if you want to use it on your face your makeup might not last as long.

I'm guessing realistically a lot of you won't be wanting to use it on your face though and so for moisturising the rest of your body, this is great!



  1. ooh this sounds perfect for my ultra dry skin, thanks for sharing!

    Alice x

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  3. This seems to be such a staple, I will definitely have to try it! Sucks it's greasy though ):


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