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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This time I am playing with the (now famous) MUA Eyeshadow Heaven & Earth Palette.

And what a palette it is - if you haven't already got it - go out and buy it now. It is bargainous and has all the best colours!

I love this look. It's pretty, warm and sexy. I wanted to try a new look with the Palette as I am going on a break for a few days so I wanted to know what kind of evening looks I could do with this.

And here is the first one.

Do you like??

Any of you been creating similar looks?

I only wish that we had more sunshine so I could do all over bronze with gold shimmery lipgloss and bronzers. I fear it would be too OTT in this poor grey weather!!


  1. Lovely look, I love my H&E palette and use it most days x

  2. I love these glowy bronzy colours, they suit you down to a t. I have a few bronzy looks i did at the start of summer..! And i know too well what you mean about the weather, I dont even want to put on fake tan because everyone would know that I sure as hell didnt get that colour sitting in my back garden! x

  3. This look is gorgeous! And you have such beautiful eyes naturally:)


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