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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First thing to say is - amazing.

I absolutely love this. Normally I am a corrector and concealer kind of girl but with this NO NEED!! And for £6.99. Eeeeeeeeek! Happy times!

My Dark Circle Eye

Applied Concealer

Patted Into Skin

And Blended

And Goodbye Dark Circle!!!


How amazing is that - seriously, for me it is like incredible - nothing has worked for over a year other than Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer.  I still love those products but I cannot believe how good this is and for the price.

I think it's so good because although it is lightweight in consistency it is a heavier coverage than other concealers and so it is great for dark circles.  It blends fabulously but doesn't require any setting powder as it dries matte and smooth.  I seriously cannot tell you how much I love this and recommend it.  Will definitely be buying this when it runs out.

Not only that though WitchSkincare say that the concealer is also good for treating spots and blemishes with witch hazel extract and anti-bacterial properties.  I will stick to using this for under my eyes as I don't really get spots (I had my share in my teenage years), but personally I would probably just get two so that I am not mixing the two different uses if I wanted to use for other blemishes.  I mean at that price! Why not!?

For more info on WitchSkincare Cosmetics click here.  I believe that at present this concealer is stocked at boots and boots.com.

*product supplied for review purposes


  1. Hi! what a cool blog!

    Just a quick question since I dont know this product yet but if it is anti blemish are you sure you should be using it around your eyes? It depends on the ingrediens but it's certainly worth checking - witch hazel around the eyes is not really ideal! :))


  2. I think it's fine - had no trouble and It specifies that you can use for both. It's a very light formula so that's probably why it's ok.

  3. I have this hun and have such terrible dark circles and use this daily x

  4. OK great! the witch hazel must be in at a low level then so that is good!

    Just thought it was a slightly odd combo - Witch anti blemish concealer that you use on the delicate eye area!? lol But glad it works for you, though you do already have really great skin!

    New follower anyway so look to seeing more from you!


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