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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I don't know about you but I love the Sleek lippies. Perfectly pigmented colour for £4.99. Bargainous.

Now I'm a sheen girl myself rather than matte. Matte lipstick just tend to make my lips look scaly after not very much time and given I am also constantly applying lipbalm it would make sense that my lipstick would have moisturising properties.

Although they are a light formula they don't skimp on colour...

Cue my recent new addition to my collection in shade Cherry.

Amazing or what. This colour is so intense that I think primarily it will be a winter shade for me. But perfect for that purpose!

The bad news is that I managed to drop it after swatching it so now it's a little squashed lipstick! Lipbrush time!

Anyone else wear this??

Barry M shade Grey

And attempted nail art using BornPretty gems. I definitely need to practice!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sale Bargains £2 each :)
So this is the second time I have tried to post this thanks to bloggers amazing skills at losing posts... Annoying.com

Anyway. I also purchased this beautiful lippie on Friday for work. I wanted a nice nude shade that wasn't too OTT and I could wear all year around.

I think I found it. I purchased without trying it on my actual lips, but did swatch it in store. I was happy because it was pink rather than nude nude so felt it wouldn't wash the skin out too much!!

Here's what it looks like on...

I'm really happy with this colour. It's the perfect muted lippie. I think it works well for work, but also if going out with heavy eyemakeup.

What do you think?? Any of you ladies own this colour?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hi Ladies,

Ooo I love a new purchase don't you?

So Friday went a little bit like this. 
"Hi MAC MUA, I want to buy a lipstick."
"Ok, what exactly are you looking for?" She replied
Me "Anything, I just have the urge.  Something bright.  In fact, what are you wearing - that's nice."

She was wearing the Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass which I purchased because it's such a pretty colour and I guessed it would look nice on most skin tones (mine included) and would be good for nights out.

I was right.

Such a pretty colour - I love it! I'm not normally a gloss wearer as I HATE hair stuck on lipgloss which always happens when I wear them!  But it's worth it for this colour. 

It's definitely got me in the mood to buy more glosses from MAC now.  This one is so long lasting and so pigmented.

What do you think?

Friday, 22 July 2011

So I never really got around to getting into the whole leg waxing routine whilst growing up and as a result I still reach for the razors to this day.

Let's face it, they're quick, easy and (usually) pain free. Hair removal cream is messy and often without great results and waxing is painful. Plus there's the pain of having to wait for the regrowth before going back.

Errrr no thanks.

That said, I never really was overly fond of a particular razor, until these past couple of months that is.

My now go to blades are these bad boys. Yes, a bit of 'I'm your venus, I'm your fire - your desire'. Or not.

So onto why I keep coming back to these. Basically two reasons

1) they provide a close comfortable shave; and

2) they smell nice!

Yes that's right, they smell lovely!! Basically the blade is surrounded by two soap-like edges that once wet provide a lubricant for the skin and helps protect the skin from pain and cuts when shaving.

I find the razor blades to be nice and sharp and long lasting.

I love what a difference these razors have made to my skin and would recommend as while I still use this with my normal shower gel (Soap and Glory Clean on Me) I've found the extra lubrication provided makes such a difference to my skin.

I have previously bought on offer at tesco for around £5 (first time) and thereafter paid around £10.

So I'm sleepy and it's late - the perfect time to share my night time beauty regime with you yes?

Well not really no, so I think this will be a scheduled post for tomorrow!!

Anyway, you may recall me mentioning my love of the lancome eye makeup remover in the past. My love extends to these products also which, through the help of my parents and boyf I manage to keep topped up through gift receiving at xmas and birthdays!

My routine goes a little something like this:-

1) Remove all traces of mascara with eye makeup remover and use any residue on cotton wool to go over face.

2) Apply Cleanser to face using finger tips and thereafter remove with cotton wool pad (repeat if necessary).

3) Apply toner to cotton wool pad and wipe over face in upward circular motion (or just all over if I am too tired!).

4) Allow face to try and moisturise!

And there you have it - clean, fresh skin before bed!

What's your bedtime routine??

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey lovelies!!

As a preliminary to a weight loss post I will be posting very shortly here is what I am currently drinking to satisfy my sweet tooth come 10.30-11.00am...

Yes, it's weight watchers time!!! I am currently sipping on their 1 pro point a cup hot choc and let me tell you it's delish!

The process? Add water to 3 tea spoons of the chocolately powder and stir and voila! Hot chocolate in an instant without annoying bumpy, impossible to dissolve, powdery bits that you can get with some other low fat hot chocolate drinks no matter how much you stir!

Also - it actually tastes like hot chocolate and not like you're drinking chocolate flavoured water!!

I like my hot chocolate to be rich and creamy - whilst this isn't the thickest hot chocolate I've ever had - it's definitely a really good instant low fat option. Whether I was dieting or not I'd be drinking this as an instant option.

And lets not forget to mention that ordinarily a hot chocolate can be well over 3 points so this is great!!

For those of you on weight watchers I'd recommend you try it as it's good for satisfying cravings and means you don't have to sacrifice nice drinks all the time! (I find water pretty boring after a while and there's only so much diet coke I want to drink!)

For the rest of you I'd say give it a go if you like a bit of instant hot choc - after all it's not like summer will ever arrive!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've just had an exciting email that I had to share with you!!

Feel Unique are offering a beauty box service in which IOU receive 5 deluxe beauty products and one sample size product!!

They will look a little something like this...

Eeeeek!! I want one NOW!! All for just under a tenner a month!! SIGN ME UP!!

Any of you ladies received this email and going to be trying this like me?? Seems like a perfect way to try things new!

More information can be found here
I soooo hate the rain! It's making me sad :(

Why oh why has summer not arrived yet??

All the clothes in the shops and online are already making the transition to 'Autumn/Winter' and I'm pining after BBQs and suncream and pretty summer clothes and flip flops!!!

What's going on!! I think I need to move somewhere with a better climate!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hi all!

Hope you had a fab weekend! Mine was great - started with champagne and a meal out with the boyf which was perfect!!

Anyway, it's late, it's Sunday night and this is often the only time I get to write up a post for your reading pleasure. This time I am reviewing the MUFE Mist and Fix. Which was purchased at IMATs, London in January.

So why am I only reviewing it now you ask... Well because it has taken me this long to find a regular use for it.

I bought this product with a view to using it after all my makeup was applied in the same vain as some of the other products out there. In all honesty, I didn't find much use for this in that sense. That is primarily because I don't feel very passionate about such products and I'm not really convinced of their purpose.

However, not to waste a product I have found a new use!! You may recall some time ago I did a post on the Cosmopolitan Makeup Sponge. This is something I am very fond of and use everyday to apply my foundation. I apply however only when the sponge is damp or the look it too heavy.

So, you can probably imagine how I use this now, but just incase... I spray the Mist & Fix on the sponge before dipping into my foundation and applying on my face.

Works a treat.

Also, it does help with ensuring that the foundation lasts. I have found my MAC Studio Fix Foundation last a lot longer when I apply using this method, and also prevents my skin from drying out when using this foundation regularly!

For more information visit the MUFE website here.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's sooooo pretty!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Bought on ebay for £1.53!!!!

As you can see, the case is hard and looks basically like your iPhone is Pink!!!


There is also a bright blue version too that I may have to purchase next.

I love that this looks like it's part of my phone rather than a case. Very happy.

The front is clear so you don't really see that, and it just clips over the sides (not the top or bottom like the rubber cases).
It also leaves your silent and volume buttons open at the side unlike some of the rubber cases, which makes it much more accessible.

Sooooooo glad I bought this!! It is super girlie and will look fab to my ear!! haha

Monday, 11 July 2011

Click on image to enlarge
I would imagine that many of you are like me - you struggle from time to time with falsies. Yes, they can be an abolute 'mare! My favourite are boots, ardell and revlon. The reason? They are soft and mouldable - meaning that I can make them fit my eyes and bend them into place.

Click on image to enlarge
Other brands result in serious stress with me flinging them across the room with a couple of mintes to spare before a night out and RUINED makeup!
Anyway, today I am going to speak about these Revolon beauties. They don't need much of an intro - I have scattered some pictures around of what they look like on haha (I would have done full face shots on all but there was a grey goose bottle in the shot on both occasions and I'll be honest, it wasn't me at my finest hour!

These bad boys cost me around £5.99 - I tend to pick them up at Tesco or Asda but you can get them at Boots of course.

One thing to note is that they don't come with glue. I don't mind because Ardell lashes nearly always do so I have LOADS of glue, which is just as well because other than permanent glue I really haven't found a glue better than that by Ardell for keeping the lashes on!

What I love about these lashes though is that they fit my eyes perfectly. I mean it is like they are made for me. And then as I said they are mouldable so it takes me like 2 seconds to apply. I simply pick them up, put on glue, wait a few secs and apply and let set. PERFECT. And I always get complimented on how natural they look and how nice my eyes look when I wear them.

Needless to say that I would recommend these. Without any hesitation. They make my eyes look brighter but aren't too OTT - a really important factor for me as I have large eyes already and therefore don't want to look silly.

Oh, and did you know that apparently Olivia Palermo wears the pre glued Revlon versions??? If it's good enough for her it's definitely good enough for me!

Hello lovelies!! How are we all??

I wanted to do a couple of posts detailing my beauty regime - whilst it changes from time to time (tends to be seasonal) but I am pretty happy with things at present.

A couple of weeks ago - just before my birthday at end of June, I was suffering from what can only be described as minging skin haha!! Basically dry, patchy, blotchy, large pores etc.

Anyway, I nipped to Tesco to pick up some PJs(I love their short and vest combos - so cute and so cheap) and spotted this exfoliator.

Generally I like exfoliators, but I have had good and bad experiences in the past. I do like St Ives Apricot Scrub but this was much cheaper and I fancied a change so I picked it up! (£2.29)

I had a spray tan that night and used it the next morning and my skin looked and felt much better straight away!! Happy happy! I've been using it since and my skin feels totally different. Smooth, even and soft.

The texture is not quite as "bitty" as some exfoliators can be i.e. it has softer beads. I prefer this though - particularly if I am using it daily. It smells like watermelon and I have now started using it with a flannel and it really does make my skin feel great.

My makeup is going on much better as a result too!!

All in all fab product, fab price and great results!