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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You may recall my post the other day I used this polish with No7's Highland Mist to create a pretty with a punch look.  Today I have gone for the old fashioned nude understated groomed look (I hope) which is always perfect for any occasion.

I absolutely love this colour and I am so glad I got it for free with Marie Claire.  It's super quick to dry, applies beautifully and lasts.  What more does a girl want.

I know quite a few of you got this shade also, so no doubt you are enjoying it as much as me.  I feel like such a lady when I wear it.  No wonder it's called My Fair Lady!
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  1. This is a really nice nude shade :) it's awesome that you got it free as well! xx

  2. I'm still debating wether I should get a copy of Marie Claire or not... I have so many polishes already, but it's so tempting!

  3. @Shannon - I know!! I so love it.

    @Ms Bubu - I was like that but I am glad I got it because it is just the perfect nude. I love this polish.

  4. Wow, it gives the appearance of really stunning nails! Gorgeous. x

  5. Aw! I picked up the purple colour for free from Marie claire too. I was so gutted that it was sold out!! I would def buy two magazines for thdis nail polish, cus its amazing!


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