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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blessedly Rich Lipglass
Orange Tempera Lipglass

I don't know why but I am presently loving MAC Lipglasses.  

I hadn't really been into them before - I am more of a lipstick girl really because I hate the whole hair stuck to my lipgloss look but having rediscovered some previous purchases and also recently purchasing the beautiful Hey Sailor Orange Tempera I am hooked!!!

What I love is that just like their lipsticks, MAC's colours are great and strong, you don't need to add 50 layers just to get the deep shade you want. 

They also look really good over your lipsticks and alone, and as you can see above - fab for mixing together!

I predict more future purchases!!
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  1. I'm exactly the same I'm a lipstick girl but often go through phases were I just wear lipgloss. Those colours look lovely together! :)

    1. Thank you - lipglosses are just so easy to slick on aren't they!!

  2. it looks great together :) nice blog xo

  3. i love the color! it goes with your skin tone ^__^

  4. I've also been loving these lately! Love the color you chose too!



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