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Monday, 13 August 2012

This is gross isn't it.  

So I have lost 14lbs so far.  So that's quite a lot of that gooey yellowy stuff. 

Soooo pleased! Only another to go!

It's taken me 7 weeks and I've been following weight watchers which is working really well so far!

Hopefully soon I will be back to this...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Photo's coming soon lovelies!!!
Love this kit and now using it everyday!

Also my sister thinks my over enthusiastic reaction to how nice one of the shadows is, is hilarious.

Basically goes like this... "Oooo that's nice, oh really nice.  Yeah I REALLY like that".  CRINGE!



So you may or may not know that I work in a pretty corporate environment, which does not leave too much room for expression - particularly when it comes to makeup and clothing.

That said, it is expected that you will dress well and as much of a chore that can be when commuting etc, it does leave me scanning the internet for hours looking for inspiration.

I am all about simple outfits with a statement colour piece of jewellery.  I love to wear a smart shirt and suit with a divine necklace.

This colour though is one of my favourites as it works so well with my skintone.  I got the blouse from Miss Selfridge yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaars ago and I just cannot bear to part with it!

The shoes are from BHS and very practical really and the suit is Primark.  I don't have many items from Primark for work, but every now and then I will find an absolute gem and this suit was one of them.  Cost about £35 and would have cost at least £80 from anywhere else!

I would love to show you what my outfits look like on more often but I just don't have the set up at the moment.  Hopefully when I move toManchester with the boyf I can rope him into it...