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Sunday, 18 March 2012

So this is my face (obvs!) and this is how I wore it for a meal on Saturday nighty...
- Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer
- MUFE HD Foundation
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
- Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer
- Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer
- Estee Lauder e/s Palette - peach, brown and light shimmer shades
- MUA brown eyebrow pencil as eye liner
- Revlon natural false lashes
- Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner with Lancome Pink Juicy Tube on top.

I also wore this outfit - no, not the dressing gown (which is Dotty P's if you're interested) but the look below - which incidentally won't be new to my oldest followers as you have seen this top on a previous OOTD many moons ago (top from new york boutique, blazer is Jane Norman and my jeans are primark)

What did you do this Saturday?
Anyone else wear false lashes for meals out too or do you think it's a bit OTT?
So off I went to the salon on Saturday to get my nails done again.  I was very excited with it being the second time I have ever had Shellac done.

My previous colour was growing out and I couldn't wait for a change.

I went with the intention of going lighter this time, but as soon as I was shown this colour I couldn't resist.

I must say, given that the colour I had on my toes was near enough the same - it felt like fate!

I absolutely love this colour, it pretty much goes with everything and what you can see here is that it has a shimmer in it which is just so pretty.

Now I promised you an update before I changed my colour so here are my nails at 11 days...

As you can see my nails had grown quite a lot and I desperately needed to sort out my thumb nail.  Which we did by using some nail glue before adding the shellac polish when putting the new colour on.

All in all though I think not bad at all considering it had been on for 11 days.  I am almost certain that I would have made it to 14 days without any further chips - which is good because it makes the treatment totally worth while.

In terms of the thumb - that was just bad luck.  In all honesty, for me I am already a convert and addicted because usually all my nails do this and whilst they grow quickly, they usually break as quick, so I am definitely excited to see how my nails are after a couple more weeks!

What do you think this time ladies of the colour?  Anyone else a recent Shellac convert!?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So, as promised, here are my nails 7 days on from being done...

I've been using my solar oil twice daily and on the whole, aside from grow out I think they have faired pretty well, although I did chip my right thumb when I got to work this morning. I basically caught it against the hard buckle on my bag but head on. If it had been my own nail I'm sure it would have just snapped off, so in a way a chip isn't that much of a prob. That said, technically I should have 7 days left.

The chip is desperately trying to peel down my thumb nail but as its not come off completely I've tried to almost press it back to the shape of my nail. It seems to be working, for now...

I'm still really happy about these though. Primarily, I got them done so my nails will grown underneath which is working so far.

In terms of the look I'm still getting compliments and my nails still look shiny and neat on my other fingers.

Unless things go horribly wrong I'll update again on saturday before I get them done again which will be 11 days.

Back to the solar oil...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

So I had my first Shellac Manicure on Tuesday.  My sister has been having it done for a few months now and I have intended to - only hadn't got around to it.

For those of you that don't know, Shellac is a "power polish" which has the ease of nail polish with the performance of gels. It should last around 14 days and (provided professionally removed) should not damage nails. You apply a base coat and dry under UV lamp, two coats of polish and two times dried under lamp and a final top coat also dried under UV lamp. I'd say it takes around an hour.

So whilst I was off work on holiday before my trip to Amsterdam (which by the way was amazing!) I nipped to a local salon and paid £15 for this lovely job...

I so love them!! Sadly, I had got my nails a little longer than this pre-manicure but two broke the day before (typical) so the lady tidied them up so that they should grow into a nice shape.  

Today is Sunday and I am 5 days in with no chips so far  - there is a little bit of grow out but not so as you would notice.  They aren't quite as shiny now, but definitely not dull either.  I will do a 7 day picture update, but I am getting them done next saturday so that will be the 11th day - which I will photograph too but you will have to wait until next time for the full 14 day update.  

I am already excited for my next colour - I suppose that is the only draw back - you can get a little bored of the same colour for so long!

What do you think ladies?  Do any of you have this done?