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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Do you think I have enough?

Anyone else have a smilar collection?

Spread out like that it doesn't actually look so bad.  A few were thankfully free gifts with other purchases.  Some of them I have tried once and will never use! 

Time for a clear out I think.  Best sticking to mascaras that you know are your favourites.

That said I do love the lancome ones but prefer to keep them for nights out.  The rest I think have got to go!


  1. Yay! I love Lancome and Bobbi brown. I had these in mini versions before and they seem to work better then when I bought the full size version, do you know this is? its so frustrating :(

  2. I also have a ridiculous collection of mascara and it will take such a loooong time before I use everything up -_-

  3. No7 Extreme Lengh has a good brush.
    I also like Maybelline great lash, Dior backstage, Givenchy one with the wee ball.
    I'm interested in trying an oscillating one... Would you give it a go?



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