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Monday, 30 April 2012

Morning ladies,

I wanted to review some Morrisons wax strips with you today.  Not very glamourous I know, but they were only around £3 so I though I would give them a go.

First thing to say is that when it comes to removing hair I tend to just shave.  I used to have waxes but I just hated that you had to let it grow back to then have it removed again, seemed a bit pointless and not very nice!

So I gave up on that and basically just shave.

However, when I saw these I thought I would give it a go, more out of curiosity than anything else, as I have never waxed myself and therefore thought - perhaps stupidly - that it might be easier if I just did it at home.

The strips in this kit are narrow due to the target areas, and you are directed to rub the strips together to warm them up and talc the area you are waxing for more grip.

So I did all that and then applied the strip, held the skin taught and pulled.  Ouch.

It definitely hurts, but it is bearable. Kind of.

I think firstly I thought that actually, this is something a beautician should do, I hate the fact that I had to keep bracing myself because I knew when I was about to pull.

Next thought?  This is bloody hard work!! Seriously.  It took about 4/5 strips to cover the tiniest area.  Definitely not ideal.

In the end I gave up and just thought to hell with this - it's taking way too long.

So I concluded that shaving was the way forward, particularly because I just had red blotches where the hair had been pulled out.

That said, I noticed that surprisingly there was no regrowth a week later.  Which is not something I recall from when I used to get it done.  So waxing may be the way forward after all.  I will definitely be doing this before any holiday now.

At home though no, it will need to be at a salon for me.  Far too much hassle I'm afraid!

Anyone else tried waxing at home?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ok ladies, so I apologise in advance at these ridiculously posed pictures of me - especially at this late hour but it's been a while since a lipstick has made me instantly want to put the rollers in, get the legs out and hit the town.

I have been wanting a wearable dark lipstick for a while.  I tried a couple of Rimmel ones, but just couldn't get used to the colours on me.  So what did I do?  Bought some at MAC of course!

I picked MAC's creamsheen formula lipstick up in Hang Up from Kendals in Manchester (House of Fraser).  I'll be honest - I bought this a little while ago, but had never really had a play with it until tonight, when before I knew it I had filled my photo booth on the macbook with lots of posey pictures of me with dark lipstick on in my messy room (it's not normally like that I promise)...

I did take some others on my actual camera, but the colour was just so different in the photo to real life I gave up and stuck with these more accurate reflections.

Although we are moving towards summer (i know - what summer) and colours should probably be lighter, I seriously love this colour and will be sporting it on my next night out (just need an outfit to match).

Aside from the RIDICulous pose what do you think ladies?  Would any of you wear this?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ahhhhh Sundays, often a mixed day in that you should be resting but often you are just thinking about work/Uni/college and therefore feeling a sense of impending doom.

That's why I love returning home to my parents to see that they've saved me caviar, bilinis, smoked salmon and champagne - even when I have already eaten!!


As you can see - I'd already devoured half the other plate. I've saved some for lunch tomorrow (I sense some raise eyebrows haha) and I'll go to bed a very happy girlie tonight.

Happy Sunday all x

So this morning I stumbled across what seems like a very cool, even if simple, invention.  The Tan a Sac.

This is for any of you ladies (or men) that love to tan but hate the effect it has on your bed linen.  The only other alternative is sunbeds and I am just not about that!

So when I was checking my emails this morning and found this product I thought ok we could be on to something here.

Basically it is a sleeping bag that you sleep in whilst you tan overnight, but it goes under your mattress so that it stays in place and fold over your duvet so your arms don't ruin it.  There is also a pillow case cover too.

I'm very tempted to give this a go, but it does have a pretty hefty price tag at £26.99.  I mean it's not that it's massively expensive it's just that I think I would prefer to spend it on other things!

Has anyone else tried this?  What do you do to protect your sheets?

For those of you that want to know more you can see how it works through their interactive gallery here (<---- link).

Saturday, 14 April 2012

OK, so I have literally walked in the house, got the MacBook out and started taking pictures.  This is all because i want to share with you my love of Shellac!

Seriously, it is just divine.  This is my 4th manicure using it and I seriously wouldn't stop now.  It's just amazing.  My nails look nicer, it lasts for 2 weeks at least and it is just divine.

In particular, today's colour - Hot Chillis.  How fit.  haha.  I hardly say that now but today it is warranted.

Eeek amazingness!! I want this colour forever!

It's the perfect combination between red and pink and will go with pretty much everything.  I am sure there will be a few raised eyebrows at work next week but ah well - it's going to be there for 2 weeks so may as well get used to it!!

Anyway, what I wanted to say really was for anyone thinking of trying Shellac just go for it.  I was hesitant at first and I am so glad I have now used it.  It is amazing.  It lasts and rarely chips.  (I think that is due to the solar oil also).  I could go for 3 weeks without changing but the grow out is too much!

My nails have never been as nice or long naturally and it is all down to this!!

Does anyone else get this done and share the love!?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Recently I've been feeling the need to pamper myself. There is just something about this time of year that makes me want to treat myself.

I'm not really allowed though as I need to start acting grown up and save up this house deposit.

So instead my week has been all about focussing on little luxuries...

Chai tea lattes, for that Christmassy feeling without too many calories.

Discovering old handbags and remembering that amazing feeling 8 years ago when you opened it up for the first time.

Luxurious makeup and having the time to apply it (this has been a memory rather than realisation so far).

And pretty snacks. I love cupcakes. To look at. As soon as I eat them I'm just like yes this is nice but the fun is in the viewing. It's the same with Macaroons. I like them but I like the idea of them more! (anyone else like that?)

Right about now it's time for lunch, I fancy something special with it being Friday... Any ideas?

What do you do to treat yourself?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Please excuse the cheesy/ awkward pose from my quick dash to the ladies on Thursday evening when I was out for drinks for friends...
Here is what I wore


Cheapy outfit =
Blazer - jane norman
Sequin Top - new look 
Jeans - primark
Boots - asda
Clutch - new look 

P.S cannot believe how much my hair has grown...