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Friday, 8 June 2012

Top - Warehouse £10 (sale)
Shorts - Therapy £35

So recently I have been feeling horrendous - bad cold, non-stop coughing and generally fed up.

Sadly I still feel pretty much the same and after a 10th night of no sleep I am just glad it's nearly weekend so I can do nothing again. 

I hope I am ok for next week though as I am going to see Kanye West and Jay Z!! Better not be ill for that.

Anyway , do you ever have moments where you are just like who cares if it doesn't go together I want to wear it anyway!?  This is one of those.

I really like clashing prints at the moment, although I think realistically these are too clashing.  So no, I didn't go anywhere dressed like this. 

Incidentally I actually like both items separately though.  The top would work for work or casual with jeans, or on a night out with a mini.  The shorts would work with bare legs and a grey cut out vest I reckon.  So I like them anyway!


  1. So jealous that your going to see Jay Z & Kanye West! Hope you're better for it!

    Lovely outfit, I'm such a magpie for leopard print!

    http://danielleyc.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. Thank you!! I hope so too! I am EXACTLY the same with leopard print! x

  2. Oh no, hope you feel better! Yes, definitely love these two pieces on their own. I'm a sucker for animal prints!

    <3 Jenny

  3. Ahh I have those days where I don't care what I'm wearing even when I'm not ill haha! Especially when the weather is like this :( I love your shorts, they look really pretty for summer!

    Frances xx


    1. Tell me about it - the weather is so uninspiring!!

  4. Aw love this "mish mash' espeacially the shorts.. where do you buy this brand? x

  5. lovely blog I follow you. Check mine cheers xx


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