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Monday, 29 August 2011

I really want a decent camera and thinking of this one...

Its the Fuji Finepix s2970 and is on sale for just under £130.

Anyone else used this?

Or do you have any other recommendations I can try out? I want something that's good up close and without flash. And good for videoing too!



  1. I just bought this one and the quality is amazing!


    Great post :) xxx

  2. I have the very similar Fujifilm S1500 and I really like it. Love the macro settings and easy to use. All pics on my blog are done with it of you want a look x

  3. Thanks very much or the advice ladies x

  4. I'm after a new camera too, i'm sick to death of mine! I think my mam has that camera, or at least a very similar Fuji one and the quality is really good.

    Alice x

  5. I have this camera and i love it!

  6. I just got the Fujifilm Fine Pix HS 20 a few days ago. So far I love it! It is rather heavy though, but the flash on it is great and it takes amazing macro shots as it has both macro and super macro settings.

    Good luck on your camera hunt!


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