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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

So last week I bit the bullet and had my eyelashes permed at the salon. It's something I'd been thinking about for some time and really wanted to try.

By way of background I should explain that naturally, my eyelashes are so straight they go down rather than curling up. It's been my biggest drawback when it comes to enhancing my eyes for well forever.

What I have been doing for years now to combat this is curling them with eyelash curlers after I've heated them with the hairdryer.

For the most part this works, but I do experience some difficulty when over tired and my eyes water because as soon as they get wet the curl is gone.

Not fun.

On top of that, most mascaras are too wet to hold the curl too which means I can't make the most out of a lot of mascaras that work beautifully on normal lashes.

You can see then why I wanted to try perming as in theory this could shave some serious time off my morning routine.

So the results? Well there you have it below...

I know - pretty unimpressive.

I led on a salon bed for 45 minutes for that!!! And paid £15 (although it should have been £20)

I was so disappointed. I mean, I know they have curled but only a tiny bit and from the front you can't even tell. I couldn't bear to show you a frontal pic as I looked like a boy.

I would definitely NOT recommend this procedure. For me it was pointless. I still have to curl in the same way and whilst at first I only needed to curl the root for lift, this lasted like a day after which I was back to same lashes as before.

Utterly pointless and gutting. As well as annoying seeing how much effort I have to go to to straighten my hair on my head...


  1. Thanks for the honest review on this. One of my friends has the same problem of very straight lashes and I know she's been looking into perming them so I'll forward this onto her x


  2. What a bummer! I'm sorry it was a disappointment but I'm glad you shared this.

    I was looking into possibly getting them done but.. nevermind.

  3. i have the exact same problems as you and also try to fix them with eyelash curlers heated by a hairdryer, which works really well for me, but like you said can just go straight away depending on the mascara. Sorry to hear it was disappointing, I was hoping it would be really good so I could get mine done lol

    Alice x

  4. Aww no, I would be raging! Your eyelashes look so good in all your FOTD photos! I think if your finding your mascara too wet to hold your curl for long enough, you should try holding the brush at the base of your lashes for about 5 seconds or so (while looking down), that will dry it enough to hold it a little bit better. Or maybe youve tried it already?

  5. I know girlies - so dissapointing - I was hoping I would have found the solution for all us straight eyelashed girls!! But not yet. I shall keep looking!!

    Thanks Nikki - I will defo give this a try!!!! xxx

  6. Hey you might remember I left a comment on your video post about when I got mine done and it was a disaster because I got too much curl! I guess it could be down to the techniques of the therapist as much as anything else? Who knows!

    Andrea :) x


  7. I am so sorry you had this experience. I do eyelash perming in my salon, located in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. My clients love eyelash perming and love the results. If you can find a technician who is experienced and has done allot of eyelash perming...I am confident that you will love the service. Again, I was so sorry to hear that you were not happy with your results...xxoo


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