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Monday, 8 August 2011

So here's another look I've created using the NYX Makeup Box. Slightly darker today... I named it Monday Blues because it's Monday and I've uesd the navy shade on the outside corner. Clever eh!? haha.

I'm really enjoying using this palette for other looks than my usual basic one shade look.

The shades I used today were the white on the top row, silver on the 3rd row down (2nd 3rd of the lid) and the navy on the 3rd row (outer corner and a little bit of the crease).
Oh, and I also lined the eyes on the bottom rim with the dark purple on the 2nd row down.

What do you think ladies??



  1. pretty eotd! <3
    Goes so well with your eyes <3

  2. Looks really nice and is a little less harsh then black. I always forget about blue tones. Thank you *goes of to eyeshadow draw*

    Emma x.x.x


  3. So pretty, goes really well with your eye colour! xx

  4. It looks soo goog in you..:)

  5. I just happened to stumble across your page, and I absolutely ADORE your blog! xx


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