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Friday, 26 August 2011

Having recently seen Lauren Conrad sporting a colour ombre look I was eager to try something similar myself.

However having dark hair I knew this might be a bit trickier in terms of how well any dye would show up and the colours to use. So I was excited when I was offered the opportunity to review some wash out colour dye sprays.

I received the Colour Xtreme Hair Art Sprays in the below colours...

I was impressed with how they worked. Unfortunately, pink didn't show up on my hair at all. It's really strange but of course it would show up really well on blonde hair.

The other colours however showed up fine and looked like this.
White, Blue and Purple Dye - Ombre and Streak Look

My favourite colour is the purple and you can see it alone below. I actually will use this as it's suble and looks pretty good I think. The other colours are a bit OTT for me, and it was hard to get the blue not to look to sprayed on with the colour of my hair.
Purple Dye Colour Ombre Look

In terms of application these apply well, but are a little messy. Obviously you don't want to have anything that could get coloured nearby so I chose to do it with a plastic bag on my shoulder so that I could spray away happily. Got the blue on my hands and took quite a while to remove.

One thing is for sure, you will need to brush it out once sprayed on (as advised in directions for use). If not, it looks kinda sticky and fake - a little like the white colour above (I hadn't brushed that).

All in all I would say these are great for creating a fun look, they retail at £4.07 and are available at Boots. Definitely worth a purchase if you want something a little different for your hair on a night out. Obviously choose your colour wisely though!!!

Anyone else tried these? Or indeed had their hair done to coloured ombre effect?

Do you even like the trend!?


  1. wow.. I wish I could get something like this here at my place.. I'm in the hunt for these as I really find it hip to have a "strange" streak of color in your hair. It never fails to turn heads.. :)

    ** new follower here!! :)

  2. I actually dye my hair tips a different colour. I have blonde hair and at the moment my tips are blue, they used to be pink and purple. It is just really easy to maintain, and if you get bored you can easily wash it out or cut it off :)

  3. Love the purple! However, the blue literlly went EVERYWHERE, and I still can't get it off after 2 days :L Never mind, eh?! Love the purple though <3 x

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