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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

For some reason I am back on the quest for a HG foundation.

Joy - money and time spent and wasted for the most part.  

I have however found this beauty in the course of my search.  It's not perfect because sadly it melts away after a few hours, but it is certainly a good foundation if you find foundations generally last well on you, or you are happy to top up. 

The finish is beautiful - smooth and full finish without looking cake, which is a rarity I find. 

Here it is, on my face.


 photo lorealinfal3_zps48e8317f.jpg

Such a smooth finish and I find it really helps the battle with my under eye circles also, most foundations don't even make a difference with them too. 

All in all a definite recommendation for me.  Just a shame it doesn't last for hours and hours - it would be perfect then!

Monday, 28 January 2013

photo-16_zpsf0d7cc3e photo photo-16_zpsf0d7cc3e.jpg

And my new favourite colour is...

(I paid £15 for mine in Boots.  Delivery is £3 unless order over £25)

As you all no doubt know by now I am obsessed with Gel Nail Polish.  I absolutely love adding to my collection and now do my own Gel Nail Polish Manicure at home. 

I have three Sensationail colours now (pink chiffon and coral sunset are the others) and I absolutely love them.

As with all at home gel polishes, I find I have to redo them in around 7 days but I am hard on my nails, an excessive typer and cleaner, and I love a change within that time anyway!  It's super easy to apply also. 

I absolutely love this colour and have been getting nothing but compliments all day. 

Next colour is going to be Sugar Plum I think!!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

 photo DSC00138_zpse48b09dc.jpg

 photo DSC00142_zps5dba0547.jpg
 photo DSC00143_zpsb5ffb915.jpg  photo DSC00140_zps39c3ecea.jpg
 photo DSC00141_zps20eb777a.jpg

I've been using these for what feels like years now but it is probably around 18 months.

I'm a massive fan of cream eyeshadow for in the week when I am trying to get ready in a hurry and don't want to spend ages blending etc. 

So I've built up quite a nice little collection now. 

These aren't my favourite ones of all my cream eyeshadows (that would go to No7) but they are something I would recommend all the same. 

The colours are lovely and bright and a little bit goes a long way.  That said, they do crease a bit after a few hours on which is a shame. Nothing that a quick touch up and blotting can't sort thought.

If you aren't a regular user of cream eyeshadow this is a good place to start as they are so cheap and come in a nice range of shades including the two above (copper pot and emerald city).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Ok, so this is something I have been using for around 6 weeks now.  

At first I was using it every day although I haven't really used it in the past week.

To be honest, I have got bored of it.  I have given it a good run, but it doesn't really add anything to my makeup.  It definitely doesn't seem to make it last any longer on me.  I didn't think it would realistically as I am yet to find one of these sprays that do, but in the interests of the blog I thought I'd try it. 

Sadly, my makeup doesn't last longer with this.

It's an ok product but all it really does for me is make my makeup look a bit less powdery.  In the way that I imagine a spritz of water would.  So for me it's not that impressive.  I wouldn't recommend.  Having said that things can work differently on different people and £5.99 isn't that expensive so it might be something you want to try if you are thinking of trying these kind of facial sprays! 
(I mean, I spend more than that on lunch in Spinningfields!)

For me though - not something I would repurchase.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I’ve recently had my hair cut.  Hurrah!  Honestly though, it’s one of those things that fills me with dread.  Mainly because I never come away happy.

This time however I do actually like the cut and in celebration of that I thought I would do a post on my present hair care routine.

Shampoo and Conditioner.

For the most part I am using Lee Stafford’s Breaking Hair Shampoo £8.99 and Lee Stafford’s Breaking Hair Conditioner £8.99.  I picked these up at the Clothes Show in December after being sweet talked by one of the people on the stand.  It was four products for £12 which considering it would have cost me £18 for two ordinarily,  is pretty good. 

I must say though these are not my favourite products I have ever used and I am in no way in love with them.  I cannot really say anything too negative as they do what any other shampoo and conditioner do, but that is the problem.  I feel they are very average and would never pay full price for them (nor would I repurchase).  My hair continues to break whilst using them and also doesn’t look any smoother as a result of using them so I am just using these up until I have been paid and can justify purchasing some more products – such as Redken or Wella.

For those days when I would like my hair to feel a bit more conditioned (and I have time) I use Neal & Wolf’s Intensive Care Treatment which is £12.95*.  I like the smell of this product and it is nice and thick so my hair definitely feels conditioned when I use it and smoother.  This is something I would recommend although probably something I would not purchase – simply because I rarely use conditioning masks on my hair (I know – very naughty).


When it comes to styling I have a vast array of products.  Many of which are only used from time to time.  So I have focused on those that I use regularly (for the most part) and I like.

First up is Redken’s Extreme Anti Snap £13.50 – 16.50.  This is something I have been using on and off for around 4 years now and definitely something I recommend and repurchase.  I must say, it works best on hair that starts off in good condition – so I find it is better when my hair has had all the dead ends cut off, as a preventative measure (rather than a cure when it has split and needs a cut!).  I apply it when my hair is just towel dried and prior to blow drying.  One thing I would say is that this usually results in it taking longer to blow dry for me as it locks in some of the moisture.  A definite must have though if your hair is prone to splitting.

Another regular favourite of mine is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum £6.29.  If I am not using the Anti Snap I put this on prior to blow drying.  If I have used Anti Snap, I apply a teeny tiny (less than 5p sized) amount and apply to the  ends and layers before straightening.  I know you are not supposed to actually do this, but it really does make a big difference between frizzy and non frizzy so I am going to continue!  I could not live without this product so much so that I have 5 spares in case they ever discontinue it and my parents always buy it me for birthdays and Christmas!

Also, depending on my mood and whether I think my hair needs it, I use Neal & Wolf’s Heat Protection Spray £10.95*.  This is just one of those sprays to apply either before blow drying and straightening.  I fluctuate between both.  In all honesty, I don’t feel like my hair feels any different as a result but that probably isn’t a bad thing as the product is nice and lightweight and if it is protecting my hair then that’s a good thing.  I wouldn’t purchase though as I need to see or feel results in order to use a product again after running out.

Once blow dried and straightened I like to use Batiste’s XXL Volume Dry Shampoo £3.99.  This is great for creating volume when you have just washed your hair or for the between washes days when your hair needs a bit of a lift.  I just apply it to the roots rub in and then brush.  It works well although you have to be careful not to apply too much or (if you are brunette like me) you will end up with a very powdery finish – not a good look.  I would definitely recommend this though as it is great for freshening up hair, but it really does create volume.  I couldn’t be without this either (although I don’t have 5 of these stashed away as they are too big!).

Finally, this is a product I haven’t used much so far but know I will.  It’s the Label.M Sea Salt Spray £9.80.  Yes, the spray that everyone who has amazing tousled hair seems to use.  I am aiming for that look.  It seems to work pretty well so far and is great for creating a bit of texture in your hair where the layers are.   I spritz a bit on whilst blow drying roughly and it gives my hair a bit more of a rougher and choppy feel.  Gone are the days where I want super sleek hair so this is perfect for me.  It also works if my hair has got a bit damp from the (rubbish) English weather and is a bit kinky.  A spritz of this and a quick scrunch means the kinks look intentional! Result!

Here's my YouTube video if you fancy a watch xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013


So I thought I'd mention a little product I've been using a lot of today. Many of you know it.

It's the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

This is a great little cheap powder you can pick up from any drug store or supermarket.

There are a couple of shades. I use their translucent one to set my makeup and give it a smooth finish.

I apply with a large brush, but you can of course apply with a pad too (which creates a heavier coverage.

For me I prefer a lighter finish. But either way this is a great product for keeping your makeup in place and combatting shine throughout the day.

A definite recommendation.

Mascaras.  So much promise they  hold and yet so many let me down!

It's so difficult to find a mascara that you totally love - or it is for me anyway.  This was one of my go-to mascara's back in the day.  I discovered it because a girl I followed on Myspace (back in the day) had amazing eyelashes and when I asked her why it was because of this mascara.

Cue years of applying Fabulash.

I'd say I haven't used it though for about a year.  I can't remember why I stopped  but I did and then when I was looking at photos from when I was in New York three years ago I was like - oh!  don't my eyelashes look good!

So I repurchased it online (there were none in the Boots store) for £5.00.


Sadly though the results weren't what I was anticipating!! It's clumpy and didn't really work the wonders I was hoping for!  Hmmmm.  Also, it's flaky and therefore you end up with lots of black bits below your eyes. 


I therefore don't think that I would recommend this, although I am going to continue to try and work out what it was about this before that worked for me.  Definitely need the eyelash comb to do so though!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Well it's that time of year when all of the excitement of the christmas and new years eve celebrations have passed (and you've already broken some of your new year resolutions) that it's time to take stock of what changes you really want to make that are both practical and realistic.

Here are my beauty new years resolutions:-

1. Clean Beauty Tools More Regularly

Germs, germs, germs..!
Ok, so I don't know about you but this is something that I really need to get into a routine with.  Technically, this is something that should be done after every use, however that is just not practical is the busy world we live in so I plan to make some small changes.  

Firstly, one compromise is to wipe your beauty tools with anti bacterial wipes after use.  This will work for in-between washes if you do this after each use from clean.  The brushes will of course be a bit damp as a result, but should then have all day to dry - ready for next time.

Secondly, once a week ensure that the tools you have used for the week are washed thoroughly.  Apparently, you should actually let them soak in soapy water and then wash them.  Pretty painful, although if I do this weekly rather than when I remember at least I won't be doing so many in one go!

This should result in them being much much cleaner, performing better and not putting minging germs on the face.  Result!

2. Always Remove Makeup At Night

This is an obvious one , but so easy to avoid.  Personally, this is something I forget when I have had a little too much to drink (and I am not talking water).  Otherwise I pretty good at this.  The problem with living in the city is that there are far too many opportunities to drink too much!! I woke up with my false eye lashes on one morning between christmas and new years eve!!


The result is obviously clogged pores, dull skin, spots and itchy irritated eyes.  

It has to and will stop.

3. Give Myself A Bi-Weekly At Home Facial

Now I would love to actually have the full experience and pay for this at a salon, but it's not going to happen.  Once, twice maybe three times a year I will pay if it is something I learn I am into, but given there are other things I would prefer to spend my money on I am sticking with the DIY facials on a regular basis for now.

Fortunately, I rarely get spots and my skin is pretty smooth (with some wrinkles starting *sob* - wrong side of 25 now).  That said, I feel like my skin is quite dull and only really lights up when I am in a sunny climate.  Which being british means never, unless I am on a one or two week holiday. 

So in order to increase circulation in my face and muscle tone (that's what it does right?), I am going to source an at home facial kit and start going for it.  Hopefully the result will be brighter and fresher looking skin.

4. Use Up The Products I Have Before Investing In A MIRACLE Product

The benefit of being a beauty blogger is that you learn there are rarely any true miracle products.  Yet despite that knowledge I am partial to a regular impulse buy from time to time (or quite a lot if I am honest).  

Realistically, there are only a few skin care products I have used that I would repurchase if I get to the end of them and I think the results are often predetermined by your skin type from the outset.  For example, I do not believe anything will truly help the dark circles under my eyes as unfortunately they are always there no matter what.  And layers and layers of concealer really don't do much to help either. 

As such, a lot of the items I have purchased (even since my clear out in October when I moved) simply live where skin care goes to die - storage that I don't really check up on. 

This is not only silly.  It's greedy and a waste of money.  I am going to focus on buying products I really do want to try after a good research and not impulse purchases.

5. Look After The Outside By Taking Care Of What Is Placed Into The Inside

Yes.  This means a lot less processed food, sweet treats, caffeine and alcohol.  Boooo - how boring.  However, my skin (and weight) will thank me for it and that's worth it!  

Foods good for the skin include kiwi fruits, oranges, strawberries, almonds, avocado and muesli.  Good, all yummy things then!

And one thing I really need to work on is making sure I get enough water everyday.  I hate drinking water so much but I need to start as I am constantly dehydrated - which may be the cause of those dark circles and dull skin!

What are your beauty resolutions??

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Now that the festivities are well and truly over I think it's about time I got back to blogging!!  Ah! What a crazy time of year it is.  All that build up and it feels like it is over in a flash.  I had a lovely time though and I hope you all did too.

I certainly need to get some more Muji storage following all the lovely gifts I received! Such a hard life eh!

Anyway, this is a long overdue post about a brand I discovered at the clothes show at the beginning of December.  I know that Regal Rose are pretty popular on the blogging scene but this was the first time I had seen them in the flesh and not on my screen and I was soooo impressed.  

Here are some of their beautiful items...

For those of you who don't know, Regal Rose is the child of twin sisters Rebecca and Louisa Warwick, who are absolute beaut's and ultra glam.  I would describe their accessories as glamorous gothic and ultra cool.  I had serious style envy when I was at their stall - so much so that I purchased the Raven Skull Heads collar chain one of them was wearing on the day!! I just had to have it as soon as I saw it.  

Here is me doing my best to model it just before a night out!  It has now made me desperate to buy lots of tops with collars as I want to wear the chain all the time!

What do you think?
Have any of you purchased anything from regal rose?

This is £14 and can be purchased here.  If you happen to go on their website check out the Skeleton Cuff Bracelet (as photographed above) and the silver and onyx perfume trinket (here) - two of my favourites!