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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I love a good nail polish remover. Something powerful without being too stinky and too drying.

I love it even more when it comes in a handy, travel pack like this.

I firmly believe that nail polish remover pads are the way forward. If they work well, which these do, they save so much effort (not to mention room in your makeup bag whenever travelling).

I like these because they have a great amount of product on the pad so you definitely don't feel like you need to add any remover to them like you might if they weren't strong enough.

Also, they make removing polish effortless. I used one pad only for all 10 nails.

I think this is really good because whenever I do this manually I have to use several pads and lots of nail polish remover because cotton wool pads always soak up product, whereas these are so fine that they just remain moist and remove every last trace.

Much better and such a bargain at £1.99

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  1. These sound good, i will try them out sometime :) thank you xx


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