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Friday, 12 August 2011

So as some of you will know, I have recently been making more use of my NYX Makeup Box, mainly for eyeshadows, but also for bronzer and lip colours. Hence the title of this post!

Here is what the bronzer and one of the lip colours looks like on...

 I'm using the first lipcolour on the left in this picture.

I'll be honest, I am not massively sold on the bronzer - it's just a little too shimmery for me and not the best shade for my skin.  So really what I would do if anything is use the Bare Minerals Warmth Bronzer and then maybe apply a little of this on top to give a little  shimmer. 

In terms of the lip colour I really like this colour and it's both moisturising and long lasting so for me just another reason why I love this makeup box!

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  1. The lip color really looks flattering on you. <3 The bronzer would have been great if it didn't have the excessive shimmer in it.


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