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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I love this shade. It is perfect for the winter months for exuding a dark and mysterious mood.

It works perfectly with any LBD you may have for the party season and also as well with your fingerless gloves on long walks (yes, it's hard work showing off your pretty nails in such cold weather - but it just has to be done).
Gotta love a bit of wintery dark nail times.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

On Saturday the girls at Aussie opened their doors (well, the doors of
loft in Leeds) to us bloggers. With the help of some of the Aussie
angels they provided a day of girlie fun from mulled wine to flirt

I kicked off the day by meeting up with L from BeautifullyAddictedToat the train station which was a treat in itself as I hadn't seen her
since I started my new jobby!!

After a bit of a natter and some makeup applying we had time for one
pic on the train (well one good one) and off we hopped to meet Jen, Liloo, Lily and Emily outside boots!!

Then it was into a taxi and into Loft where the Market was held.

From then on it was none stop hair, flirting (when I had to pretend to
flirt with the sexy Santa infront of everyone - AWKWARD!), vintage,
catwalk and makeup! Fun timeys!!

I got my hair done by an AMAZING stylist on the 'frizz' section where
she curled, blow dried and moussed my hair into a voluminous 'do'.

Off I ran to the photobooth to get proof!!

I also met the deligtful Brogan, who had her own stall, from broganjane who had been to the same uni as me!! Her blog is absolutely amazing and uber stylish - it's my new guide to life. You have to check it out here!

We got a goody bag with some treats and then it was time for home! Me
and L had a few scary moments when we tried ice skating in normal
footwear - ok so not really but the paths were very icy for my heeled
booties!! Eeek! We made it back though one hot choc and some walkers
crisps later!
All in all a fab day! It was lovely to meet everyone I got chance to
speak to and fab to catch up with my girlie L! (Cant wait for IMATS!!!

Thanks very much Aussie for arranging it for us!

Hello lovelies - I have another foundation review for you!

This foundation is said to adapt to skin tone and texture, whilst providing a perfectly flawless finish.

I have tried this with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Moisturiser underneath and Estee Lauders Face Primer Plus.

I find that on top of my moisturiser this foundation goes on well. It is smooth, and provides good coverage however the finish is a little shiny for me. I usually apply a little powder on top. This then lasts all day. It looks like this...

I do definitely like the finish of this foundaiton and I tend to use it daily at the moment. It cost around £8. I do find however that it dissapears to nothing on top of the Estee Lauder Primer though so that's a bit odd!

I wouldn't say that I would be in a hurry to repurchase this foundation and find that it is ok for now. It is definitely not my "dream" foundation or anything. But I do think it is worth a try because it makes my skin look a little healthier than some of the other foundations out there in these winter months.

What do you think ladies?? Do any of you use this??

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hey ladies. Hope you're having a good wednesday!? I've had a hectic day but on my way home on the train (stood up and overcrowded) so not too bad really.

I wanted to quickly review this shampoo and conditioner because I like to share my experiences with you :)

I've done a quick YouTube review (demonstrating how my hair looked after use) on this also which you can get to through this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn_xGAa8cHw

Most of you will know I was sent some TRESemme naturals hair products a couple of months back which I absolutely LOVE and still use all the time.

The reason therefore for my partaking of Herbal Essences use was that I was at the boyfys house and my hair needed dealing with desperately and that was there!

Naturally, the first thing to mention is that of course it smells lovely! But that's expected from them exceptionally excited ladies on the adverts...

So what did I think?
Well it left my hair, smooth, silky and shiny. RESULT. I blast dried it after and then straightened and voilĂ !
(please see below)

Not bad eh!?

Even better? £2.09 each price tag peeps.

Can't complain at all. So I'd definitely recommend for girlies with 'normal' hair. Mines pretty dry and unruly and this worked well enough so I'd say a good buy.

And now I won't be so worried about forgetting my selection of hair products when I stop at the boyfs.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hey lovelies - another video for your viewing pleasure!!

Discussed - VO5 volumising spritz and ardell false lashes! Enjoy! xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Hey everyone - I finally uploaded my first YouTube video here.

Sorry quality is a little off - I have done it on my phone but unfortunately when it has converted it's ended up a bit grainy. Back to the drawing board...

Need a new camera that takes good videos as mine is not clear enough - any suggestions??

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Don't you just love it when you know it's that time of year when you can get out one of your old favourites!!!

Gotta love h&m!!!!

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

I was recently sent a couple of hand creams to try which I will review over the coming weeks.

The first one to discuss is this little beauty. I use this every day at work and it is fab. First of all it's only around £1.20!!!! Bargain.

What I like though is that it is not too greasy so I can use it to protect my hands after I have washed them, without worrying that grease is going to go all over my keyboard and mouse.

It's very moisturising and leaves my hands smooth and soft.

A definite good product which doesn't cost the earth!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I am starting to feel a bit better now so I thought I would ease in on a makeup remover post given that my makeup has been a bit of a mess this past week or so I have been ill.

Every now and then I like to try and find a cheaper alternative to the Lancome's Eye Makeup Remover.

I stumbled upon this one and with it being L'Oreal I thought that it might be worth a shot.

Upon reading the bottle I noted it is said it is also for sensitive eyes. Definitely applies to my permanently bloodshot allergic to EVERYTHING peepers *_*

So my thoughts??
Unfortunately this product was no use to me. Firstly it was not strong enough to remove my waterproof mascara. The texture is not oily enough which I find is definitely required to remove tough mascara. Secondly, it left my eyes sore, dry and red. The redness could be excused as I only need to open them in the morning for that to happen and also I suppose for them to feel sore. So let me put it this way - they were redder and more irritated than usual. Plus swollen when I woke up in the morning despite rinsing.

I don't think that this is a bad product as such but definitely not one suited to me. I would not recommend this to anyone with sensitive eyes because it only makes them worse. But if you don't wear a lot of eyemakeup this may be suitable for you!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

More beauty posts coming soon. I'm just a bit poorly sick at the moment

Coming soon:-
Perfume review
Fake tan review
Concealer and corrector review
Lipstick swatches


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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I tried this foundation for the first time on Saturday day time for a lunch date.

Using my normal routine of bobbi brown hydrating face cream I applied this on top and must say that I found it quite hard to work with. It's quite thick and a little difficult to blend with a brush. I think fingers may have been better. I had just exfoliated my face however, and actually managed to scratch it on my cheek which the foundation did cover beautifully.

It did look lovely from a little distance and I did get compliments on my skin but I just don't like it when makeup looks really heavy and cakey up close. So for me despite the coverage being good I won't be going back to this one.

However for those of you with normal non dry skin this would probably be a winner.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Some of you ladies that follow me on twitter (@GiddyPrincess) will remember me tweeting about a new dress for a party last week.

And here it is... (Please excuse the strange lighting and expression on my face, oh and the oh so classy bottle of beer in my hand. I literally asked the boyf to take it as we were trying to run out the door to get in a taxi!)

It is from asos and was only £26.00. The shoes are Miss Selfridge - I got them in the sale in summer for £15.00. Love them!

The theme for the party was a "touch of pink" so I went with pink lips - unfortunately you can't quite see how pink they were given the lighting in the photo. New camera time!
The look was pretty natural as I ended up really rushing to get ready! Still happy enough with it though!
Thanks for looking xx
Morning ladies.

Don't forget that today is the day the Britney Spears Radiance competition opens!! (See my original post here)

You can enter at www.totalkiss.com for your chance to win some Louboutins!!!

Best of Luck ladies xxxxxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010


I got the MUA to use this on me on my recent Bobbi Brown trip. Love it. Can't buy any more makeup this month though!!

However for those of you that wonder what it's like here you go:-

I really struggled to find any reviews of this online!!! But it is really fab - great if you have dry skin. Definitely a future purchase.
Given my love for Bobbi Brown's Hydrating eye cream it was only natural that I would feel the same about their Hydrating face cream!

I purchased this at the same time as the eyecream as part of a set (it included mascara and makeup remover also) for £32.00.

The face cream normally retails at £33.00 for the full sized version. Mine is 15ml sized. As with the eyecream - a little bit goes a long way though so the set is worth having a look at if you want to give it a try.

Sooooo what's so special about this product? Well you know how it usually takes aaages in the morning with the serum, moisturizer, primer etc. Not any more - MUA at Bobbi Brown says this product has primers built in so it does the same job.


Whether it does have primer in or not all I can say is it does the job. I don't need primer anymore as my makeup glides on and stays on. And I really mean stays on. Which for me is a miracle because with other products, unless we are talking double wear by Estee Lauder, I end up with patchy skin by around midday where it is all coming off.

What more can a girl need.

So is it really that Hydrating? Yes, but for someone like me who can get dry patches you may still need to use a more intensive moisturiser at night. It is perfect for the day time though!

Again I am going to say try this and you will like it - and what could be better than cutting out all that time in the morning with your serum and primer!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Well well, I've just found an amazing fake tan!!

So last week I was sent a sample of Famous Daves Tanning Mousse along with a Mitt to apply.

As you all know I am at a party later today so I decided to risk it an apply it on Thursday evening to see how it was

So I exfoliated and then moisturised (legs only). I let the moisturiser sink in for an hour and then applied the tan all over before bed using the mitt. It applied very smoothly and was not streaky on my skin at all. I then waited for it to dry (not long at all and does not feel tacky on skin) and put on bed clothes.

Next day - wake up and shower and voila TAN TIME! LIghter on the legs where I had moisturised but it didn't act as a complete barrier so I had nice even colour on the legs and the rest of my body.

I noticed that it definitely had a more golden tone than some of the other fake tans I had used. It wasn't really BROWN or orange either but was definitely dark. Which I love. And even my work colleague said I looked really tanned. When I told her I had fake tanned she immediately wanted to know what I had used because it "looked so even".

I applied again last night to ensure I am tanned to the max for tonight haha!! Please see result:-

It smells a teeny bit the next day - but not as much as most of the other products I have used! On application it smells like cherrys. Which I love always!

So what do I think?
I love it! Gorgeous even colour and fantastic application. I noted a girl had reviewed this tan a while back and had had issues with it streaking on application. This did not happen to me at all so I would say give it a go. They do a travel sized one for £9.99 which you could try. Or if you want to take the full plunge it retails at £19.99 and you can purchase here.
I have recently answered questions for two separate lovely blogging ladies.

First up to ask questions was Tabitha Bluebell of A Perfect Lie a stunningly crafted crisp blog. Tabitha asked me questions such as who's style am I loving at the moment and what inspired me to start blogging. You can find the questions and answers here.

Laura of Laura's Blog a beautifully, girlie blog asked me what are three random facts about me and what has been my favourite nail/colour brand this season. You can find the questions and answers here.

Both these girlies have fabulous blogs that you should have a nosey at if you haven't already. And if you want to know a little about me then you know where to look!!
I have been wanting to try Bobbi Brown products for a while now. Especially after receiving the Makeup Manual book off the boyf last Xmas.

So I trotted off to Selfridges after payday and decided that was the day I was going to take the plunge!

The lovely MUA did my concealer, foundation and blush so I am now colour matched. I have a sneaky list to leave lying around as a hint for Xmas hehe. I mean, needless to say I loved everything I tried.

One of the things I just couldn't leave without, however, was their Hydrating eye cream. The MUA used this prior to the concealer and I was hooked! It is literally really hydrating!!


Some of you may recall that I have previously mentioned issues with dark dark circles under my eyes and extreme dryness if I use the wrong products.

Most recently I had been using Cellnique's Contour C Complex. I did find this to be lightly moisturising. It is very light in texture. I've also used eye creams from garnier, soap and glory and boots plus many other drugstore brands in the past.


I was shocked at the consistency as it is so much thicker than other eye creams I have used. Yet it doesn't feel greasy or heavy.

It absorbes into the skin beautifully and creates a fantastic base for my concealer. It is much better than any of the previous eye creams/gels I have used. It doesn't sit in any fine lines and ensures my makeup sits nicely too.


It retails at £27.00. It worth every penny. My makeup looks smoother, the skin around my eyes feel softer and a little amount really goes a long way.

This product has made me rethink eye cream entirely. I believed most eye creams were pretty much the same. WRONG. It just goes to show that paying extra is really worth it with some products.

I will definitely be repurchasing this in future and all I would say is try it and you will love it!
Ok ladies, you all remember how much I loved the Britney Spears Radiance perfume back in September.

Well here's a little competition I thought you may be interested in!

From Monday 8th November
you can win the entire outfit worn by Britney
in the Radiance adverts with Kiss100!!!!!

All you need to do is find out how many times the word ‘Radiance’ is written on the box of her Radiance Perfume.

View details of the competition here

Competition commences Monday the 8th November 2010 and will run until Thursday the 11th November 2010.

To enter go to http://www.totalkiss.com/ on Monday and pop in your answer to be in with a chance of winning the original dress, bag and Christian Louboutin shoes that Britney wore filming of the radiance commercial! Eeeeeeeek!

Good luck!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Recently I went to MAC with the intention of purchasing this foundation if, after trying it, I liked it. The MUA was one step ahead of me and suggested I take a sample home to really get a feel for it.

I was pretty happy about this as normally I feel a little intimidated when I go to MAC - it's just so busy and you literally have to fight past all these glamazons to swatch a lippie. Hence why I normally don't bother! I was on a mission this day though and the lovely girl handed me the shade NC25 after I said that my skin was quite light and that most colours I choose ended up being too dark and orangey. It was a guess by her rather than a colour match but I think the shade is pretty decent - a little light if anything.

So off I went and tried it the very next day. I'm not going to lie the coverage of this made my skin look heavenly. Smooth and flawless. It's very buildable so I was able to hide blemishes (except dark circles).

Here are some pic's of me using the foundation (and just to clarify - I was not driving when taking the pic - I was sat on my drive about to set off and checking my makeup! hehe)

Intense stare times...

I know that my makeup is pretty basic on the car pic but this was just to show how matte and flawless my skin looks.

What I did find though was that in certain artificial lights it can look a bit heavy. Also, it started making my skin dryer and I noticed flaky patches appearing. This is a real shame because apart from that this foundation is perfect. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and resolved it?

I think given that it's £19 (one of the less expensive brands in selfridges) I will purchase this, but I'd restrict the use to nights out so as not to ruin my skin in these winter months.

One thing is for sure though I would definitely recommend it and can definitely see why it is so popular having now tried it.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Just to ease back into posting I wanted to share with you my (yes you guessed it) OOTD and FOTD from Thursday night when me and the boyf went to Liverpool for meal and drinks for his birthday. Fun times!!

I suppose technically it is really a FOTN but hey ho!

I wore (clothes):-
Jeans from new look £25
Shoes from new look £20 (4 years ago)
Top from shop in NYC around $35
Handbag from new look around £15

I wore (face):-
MAC studio fix in NC25
MAC concealer under eyes NC20
Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer over Bare Minerals warmth
Costal scents coral blush
Barry M #57 lipstick
Various shades from sleek sunset palette
Bobbi Brown extreme party mascara
Revlon fabulash mascara