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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

If you are on a budget like me - don't forget to pick up InStyle for the Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser (with cloth).  Facials galore…

And of course Glamour for the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Pen (an old favourite of mine from the older blogging days!)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Lacura BB Cream in Medium
I'd say if you buy one thing this week/month, this should be it.  That said, we all know that Aldi has stock in for the blink of an eye and then it's gone.  Go to Aldi now and buy this.  I've had it for a week and I am converted.

The picture of me above is having applied the BB Cream and concealer under my eyes, with a little bronzer just below my cheek bones.  I have no foundation over the top or powder and look how smooth my skin looks!

Now, I am usually a Estee Lauder Double Wear Girl, or MAC Studio Fix.  However, at this time of year, every year I go on a bit of a quest to find a lighter textured foundation so that I stop feeling as if I am wearing a mask. I literally cannot stand heavy makeup in the heat.

Hence why on my little trip to Aldi last week to buy toilet roll (yes, I am that glamourous), I saw this and thought for £4.99 why the heck not.  I was so surprised at how perfectly it blended in with my sigma flat top kabuki brush and it lasts throughout the day too.  I mean don't get me wrong, you will probably want a touch up around lunch time, but that is the case for most foundations so I am pretty impressed by it's staying power and I go to the gym at lunch anyway so my makeup always gets a touch up!

I would highly recommend this for summer.  I've tried a couple of other BB creams and HATED them so I've been really shocked by how this has already replaced my foundation in a week!

Friday, 13 June 2014

PhD Woman Support and Recovery Toning Vanilla Creme - £21.59 (here)
PhD Woman Support and Recovery Toning Bar Chocolate Orange - £17.88 (here)
PhD Woman Shaker Cup - £4.99 (here)
Seeing as I am now back on a health kick I thought it was a perfect time to tell you about some of my favourite not so bad treats!  When I start a new fitness regime or diet plan I end up really going for it and then I either get to where I want to be or my social and work life gets in the way and I fall off the wagon.

Yes, I know - it should be a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix etc.  One day I will get to that stage but I am human and I struggle with self discipline.  I'm guessing I am not the only one out their and I have SERIOUS respect for all those of you that eat clean and healthy all the time - you are my inpso.

Anyway! PhD Woman specialise in providing protein products especially for females knowing that obviously our goals are not always the same as mens!

So when I was stocking up on protein (not quite but re-venturing into the world of protein shakes etc) earlier this year when trying a new intensive strength training plan, I really researched what would work for me and what I wanted, which was quite a lot of protein without a shed load of carbs because no matter what I eat it always seems I have a carb heavy diet despite my best efforts!

I found PhD Woman and had a read up of them here.  I found they had loads of tips and meal plans etc (here) and decided I was going to try these products. (They also have some fabulous offers on and I managed to catch one at the time!)  I chose the Toning range which aims to help with recovery.  There is also a weight control and energy range.

I like to have these on days when I might not be getting enough protein and I know some people say why can't you just eat it, but if you are training a lot you'd never stop eating chicken to get the recommended amount and sorry but chicken gets boring!

The vanilla creme is absolutely delightful.  Tastes like custard!  I like to have it alone with water and ICE, or for breakfast blended with strawberries or bananas!  Absolute heaven in a cup!

The bars are also lovely.  They do have that protein bar texture which I can't quite describe but I'd say dense… You will understand if you try.  I have to say I don't mind that texture though so it's not a negative.  I usually break it up into little pieces and savour!

Finally, the cup is just super handy and I better size than those huge ones you usually get. Somehow it just feels more feminine also.  I've not had to explain to people whether or not I am drinking protein like it's some crazy thing since having this cup which is also a bonus!

I would definitely recommend all these products and I will be repurchasing when I run out.  Even if you don't want to buy anything though I would definitely recommend the website as it's super informative!

Happy fitness ladies!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm - £2.99 (here)

I love a tinted lip balm.  They hold so much promise.  
Most of the time they are pretty rubbish in either pigment or tone and look rubbish against my skin tone.  I've had a fair few frosted ones in the past which has not been a good look for me!

That said, they are getting better.  Last year I had a bit of a Revlon Lip Butter obsession (still loving these) and this year I think I am heading toward obsession territory with Maybelline's Baby Lips.  I think a lot of it is the packaging!  It is also the fact though that the pink and red ones are such stunning subtle colours that they are perfect alone or on top of lipstick to give it a more creamy finish.  They are very moisturising and pretty on.

Here they are on!

*Pink Punch*

*Cherry Me*

See, nice and subtle. 

And did I mention the smell?? They are soooo yummy.  I think the pink one is peach but I can't be sure, the red is definitely cherry smelling though.  Delicious!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pro Formula Cleansing Oil - £4.99 (here)
Pro Formula Micellar Water -  £3.99 (here)
Treacle Moon - Bath and Shower Gel - £2.99 (here)

Whether you are saving for a holiday, at uni, saving for a house, saving for a wedding, or just generally trying to keep spends down, there is always a reason to pick up a bargain when it comes to health and beauty products.

Top on my list for finding products like this are supermarkets.  Always.  I used to spend hours buying clothes, makeup and skin care from Tesco and some of the other supermarkets out there.  These days, living in the city centre I don't really have that luxury and miss the opportunity for a good supermarket haul!

As a result, I also find I often end up spending quite a lot on day to day products.  Definitely going to be making a conscious effort to venture back to Tesco to mix up my beauty product collection seeing as these have been such a success!

Treacle Moon Mango Thoughts

This shower gel is super fruity and smells so sweet without being sickly. I absolutely love it.  Usually I use Imperial Leather Foam Burst Shower Gel but it's not had a look in since getting this!  It froths up nicely and leaves you feeling clean and moisturised!  Perfect!  It is also alcohol free.

are so many more scrumptious sounding Treacle Moon products here, including "coconut island", "lemonade days" and "strawberry dream".

Pro Formula Cleansing Oil

So initially I got a bit carried away with this and used it as a moisturiser.  I have no idea why.  I just assumed that's what it was!  As a moisturiser it is totally amazing - lasts for ages and leaves skin so much more nourished, which is something I am struggling to get from most of my moisturisers at the moment.

Using this correctly though, as a cleanser I also found it worked a treat.  My makeup slides off and my skin feels supple.  That said, you then have to rinse.  This doesn't take away the moisture effect but is a definite must for me or I would end up with swollen irritated eyes in the morning!

I'd definitely recommend this as either a moisturiser or cleanser!

Pro Formula Micellar Water 

This is a non-harsh cleansing water.  I use this to remove the oil from the cleansing oil or any traces of makeup.  I also use it before applying my moisturiser in the morning once I have washed my face.  It just helps my face from feeling tight.

I like this product too. It's very understated in that I don't think it will create any miracle changes to my skin but it feels as nice as my Lancome toner.  It smells refreshing and light and reminds me of cucumbers.  I'd recommend this if you don't need anything too specialist and have sensitive skin as it's perfect on mine.

Some of you may have seen on Instagram (here) that I purchased a little Barcelona Guide following booking a little trip there!

I am super excited.  I've never been before and know nothing about the place so I am presently researching and noting down all the things I want to do and see.  

Needless to say, I've found lots of tapas bars to head to - I will probably come back like a whale!

I am praying it will be sunny so I might even catch a bit of sun.  I don't think there will be much bikini action though as there are too many other things to do!

On another note, how cute is the notebook!?  It's from The Works and was only a few pounds - absolute bargain.  It's the perfect size for bringing everywhere. 

Any recommendations are welcome - places to eat, things to see, tips etc!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Miss Sporty Pump Up Mascara - £3.99 (here)

So without going over old ground most mascaras are a nightmare for my eyelashes.  In short, they point downwards and I have to spend 5 minutes curling them every day to get my eyes to look awake!  What I don't need therefore is a super wet mascara that will immediately cause the curl to drop, which most do.


I had a real combination going on for years.  Miss Sport Fab Lash and later on Miss Sporty Studio Lash - both waterproof.  Followed by Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara.  Both were pretty good at keeping my lashes curled and volumised.  Until late last year when I came to replace my Miss Sport Waterproof and it was gone.  It still annoys me now!  Why do brands do that without any warning!?  If I had known I could have at least bought 20 or something given they were so cheap.

Anyway, after going into town the other day on the off chance there may be some similar version I decided to pick this mascara up.  I didn't hold out much hope for it working as I need it to but you never know.

Unfortunately, for me this is too wet and drops the curl.  When I recurl again (which you aren't supposed to do on top of mascara but I have no choice at this stage), the results are less than impressive.  My lashes look longer but not volumised.  

In short, I would not recommend this product.  Unfortunately, I don't thin it performs very well and despite my specialised needs I don't think it would cause amazing results for anyone!