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Saturday, 13 August 2011

So here's Primark's autumn/winter offering.

Definitely a mixture of themes given the extreme brightness and then darkness. Having said that I quite like the below outfits.

What do you reckon? I must admit, I've not been a fan of colour blocking at all since it has been considered fashionable, but I quite like it in these outfits. Still probably wouldn't rush to buy it all though, perhaps just certain pieces from the looks to wear with more muted outfits.


  1. My favorite is the 2nd outfit, in THAT combination too LOL. I might even go get me the coat, and I already have plenty of fuchsia tights.....

  2. I think I may be going a little primark crazy this autumn as I love the first coat and it looks like they're going to have some gorgeous things in!! x

  3. They see to have some nice stock eventhough it doesnt look that wearable in these pictures! Thanks for letting me know :) xx


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