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Monday, 14 May 2012

I don't know about any of you but I have a serious style crush on Jessie J at the moment.  It is ridiculous.  

On saturday night I was particularly loving the midi length body con dress she was rocking (along with her hair and makeup - seriously, I need to get me some wigs so I can look different every week!).  

It got me thinking about what to wear this coming weekend for a night out and whilst looking on asos.com on sunday morning at like 8am I spotted it in the 'new in' section.  I couldn't believe it because normally these things are only available WEEKS later.

Guess what.  It's only £22!  Bargain.  
It's at times like these I love asos.  Personally, I got scared because I have too many wobbly bits at the moment to really get away with this but for those of you who also lusted after this dress - you can purchase it here (<---- link) if you are brave enough! 



  1. oh i think shes beautiful, i deff have a girl crush on here haha


    1. I think pretty much everyone does at the moment haha!

  2. i love her too especially her hair its fab and you should get that dress you have a fabulous figure and it would look amazing on you, hope your week going welll, its like frigging winter over here totally fed up, cant wait for the weekend, i have a new dress im dying to try out, kisses from dublin xxx leonie

    1. It's not much better here - I can't wait for the weekend also! I am sticking with safety though and wearing skirt and top rather than the dress - I would just be worrying all night haha! x

  3. What a fantastic dress. Super interesting patterns.

  4. I love Jessie J, and that dress :) x


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