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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

So I was extremely excited when I picked this beauty up for £20 at Principles the other day. What was even better was that a) it fit and b) it was actually £16!!

Such a bargain it's not even funny!

And timeless dress!! I'll still be wearing it in 10 years!

I'm planning on wearing it to L's wedding of beautifullyaddictedto in less than two weeks!! I'm super excited!!

Now just need to find a purple bag!!!


  1. That dress is so pretty! I love it with the purple accessories!

  2. Wow, you'll look stunning I'm sure. Great colour choices x

  3. i can totally picture u in those colors! so pretty!

  4. Love the purple with the dress! Your going to look gorgeous! Can't wait to see everyone dressed up for the big day - 10 days and counting (slightly freaking out lol)


  5. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  6. It looks amazing especially with the purple. Pls post pics of the final product on :) I am one of your followers now. See you on the-wardrobe-stylist.blogspot.com.

  7. That dress looks really nice with the purple! I wore purple accessories for my friends wedding and managed to get a really nice clutch bag from New Look which was good as was a lot cheaper than i was expecting to pay. Hope to see pics of how it all looks together on the day and what sort of bad you end up choosing!
    Nic xx

  8. Thanks ladies - I will definitely be planning on taking lots of pics on the day so should hopefully manage to get one or two!! :D xx


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