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Sunday, 28 November 2010

On Saturday the girls at Aussie opened their doors (well, the doors of
loft in Leeds) to us bloggers. With the help of some of the Aussie
angels they provided a day of girlie fun from mulled wine to flirt

I kicked off the day by meeting up with L from BeautifullyAddictedToat the train station which was a treat in itself as I hadn't seen her
since I started my new jobby!!

After a bit of a natter and some makeup applying we had time for one
pic on the train (well one good one) and off we hopped to meet Jen, Liloo, Lily and Emily outside boots!!

Then it was into a taxi and into Loft where the Market was held.

From then on it was none stop hair, flirting (when I had to pretend to
flirt with the sexy Santa infront of everyone - AWKWARD!), vintage,
catwalk and makeup! Fun timeys!!

I got my hair done by an AMAZING stylist on the 'frizz' section where
she curled, blow dried and moussed my hair into a voluminous 'do'.

Off I ran to the photobooth to get proof!!

I also met the deligtful Brogan, who had her own stall, from broganjane who had been to the same uni as me!! Her blog is absolutely amazing and uber stylish - it's my new guide to life. You have to check it out here!

We got a goody bag with some treats and then it was time for home! Me
and L had a few scary moments when we tried ice skating in normal
footwear - ok so not really but the paths were very icy for my heeled
booties!! Eeek! We made it back though one hot choc and some walkers
crisps later!
All in all a fab day! It was lovely to meet everyone I got chance to
speak to and fab to catch up with my girlie L! (Cant wait for IMATS!!!

Thanks very much Aussie for arranging it for us!



  1. I'm off to the london one saturday (I hope)... wather permitting! Aussie events are so much fun!
    :) Emma x

  2. Aaargh, I'm so sad I missed this event, it sounds so much fun! x

  3. Was so lovely to meet you :) Hehe, poor you having the break the ice with scruffy santa xx

  4. aw great photos, thanks so much for sharing- looks like I good day! I can't go to the London one, so photos will have to do, hehe
    You look lovely, your hair looked great

  5. You look amazing! looks like you had a great time :) xxx

  6. So much fun :) It was lovely to meet you! Love how you actually look like you're posing in the hair styling pics :P

  7. @ GingerSnaps - thank you x

    @ComputerGirl - fingers crossed for the weather for you!!! You will have lots of fun! x

    @Missie_Ellie_UK - shame you couldn't come - would have been lovely to meet you!! x

    @Emily - was lovely to meet you too hunni - hope to see you again real soonie!! Haha!! You were well jealous of my santa flirting times!

    @Steph0188 - thanks chick!! Shame you can't go to the London one - it was fun!

    @roshas - thanks hunnni for such a lovely comment as always xxxx

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: Was fun wasn't it! Hope to see you again in the future chick. And what do you mean LOOK LIKE I am posing!! I am!

  8. I had a great time too!! Missed our random chats and excessive lunch time shopping haha.

    Train tickets booked yay! IMATs here we come. So excited.


  9. I'm so so bummed i couldnt go =[ it looks and sounds like it was so much fun x

  10. I LOVE Aussie, definitely a miracle worker - I use the three minute miracle conditioner every time I wash my hair and my hair has never been so soft!
    Love your blog, I've just entered the blogging world, any tips?
    PLease please please have a look and follow if you like it?!
    can't wait for your next post!
    (ps u r very photogenic - jealous!hehe)

  11. Glad you all had a great time :)

  12. I was disappointed I wasn't able to make it! Looks like you all had a good time x


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