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Monday, 10 September 2012

Shampoo - £5.59 (link)
Conditioner - £5.59 (link)
Ok, so this review (along with a good few others) has been a long time coming.  I can only apologise.  Life has been hectic with trying to deal with work, commuting, looking for a flat to move to and trying to fit in some socialising along the way.

I wish I was much better at multi tasking, but I am not quite there yet.

Anyway, the good news is that whilst many of you may have now tried this, for those of you that have not my review is based on a month and a half's usage!! So very thorough!

I received these samples back in July and began using them straight away.  It was perfect timing because my hair was in dire condition, flyaway and frizzy and nothing I used seemed to ease that.

So I tried this in the hope of a miracle and that's practically what I got!

Why is it so good?

Well, firstly it smells lovely. 

Secondly, it does not leave me with build up or an irritated scalp (this is something I had been suffering with and was finding flakes to be a real problem as a result -  not good when you are brunette).

Thirdly, it seems to make drying my hair somehow easier.  

Fourthly, my hair dries less frizzy and straightens fantastically.  If I am wearing it curly I have so much less frizz than when I use other products.

Fifthly (and most importantly for me), it retains my style.  So I don't find that my hair immediately changes and becomes really frizzy when stepping out the door (this is with the added assistance of john frieda hair serum - which I always use and is the most consistent element of my hair routine and has been since I was 14).

Is it worth the price tag?

Yes.  Whilst I appreciate it is a little more than some of the other brands out there, I have used higher and lower end products and I think that this fits perfectly within it's pricing.  You are not paying too much (which I have done in the past for less impressive results) nor are you paying next to nothing but achieving poor results.  

Also, I haven't had to replace this yet in almost 2 months which is impressive for me (wash every other day and use a hellaload of conditioner)!

The good news is that they do a smaller travel sized version so you can always try that before you buy the full size!

I would definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner and would love to hear how anyone else has got on with it!! I want to try the other products in the range yet so if you have tried and reviewed send me your links!!

Also, the John Frieda team are on YouTube!
Next mission - create the perfect top not!



  1. Anything that actually really does help with less frizz and retaining style has to be worth a go. Will make a note of these.:)

    1. Definitely makes me a happier girl - cannot stand spending ages on my hair for it end up a mess within 2 minutes of leaving the house!

  2. Heard nothing but good things about this! Can't wait to get my hands on it x


  3. thankyou for the review! my hair is in such bad condition at the moment (bleach, heat abuse!!) will pick these up for sure :) x

    1. Ahhh it's a nightmare isn't it! Definitely worth a try lady!

  4. Which would you choose between Frieda and Kerastase?xxx

    1. Hi, I've never used Kerastase shampoo or conditioner so I couldn't say. I have used their serums though and I think I repurchase Keratases once whereas I've been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum for over 10 years now.

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