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Thursday, 17 June 2010

I love Thomas Sabo charms and have quite a collection going following receiving a charm bracelet not last xmas but the one before.

It's such a good present to get because if people are ever stuck with what to get you for future presents - they can buy you a charm!

Normally I like my charms to have meaning to me, whether I have picked it or the person who's buying it for me has. But I can't help but lust after all the bright colours that the new and holiday charms have at thomassabo.com. They have absolutely no sentimental meaning to me other than I just think the colours are so pretty and I had to share them with you!!!

There are LOADS more than this too!! But these were amongst my favourites!! I am defo going to buy a few more this summer to add to my bracelet. I fancy having loads of colours on it now after seeing these.

I did see these though also which I love and these DO have meaning behind them
This relates to my recent trip to NYC and my little Statten Island Ferry trip to see the Statue of Liberty with the boyf! Memories!♥♥

This relates to my boyfy too and all the good music I get to listen to being with him!♥♥

Aren't they all so cute for summertime!


  1. Thomas Sabo charms are beautiful! I really like the idea of having a sentimental bracelet. ♥ xx

  2. awe these are sooo cute. I'm going to have to take a look at the website xx

  3. @Grace - yeah it is nice to look at it and know that the charms mean something to you or the person that gave you them. xx

    @BeautyGeeek - they are cute aren't they! I just love the colours!xx

  4. Oh I have a Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet too and I love it. Those are some cute colourful charms, thanks for showing us! U reminded me I need to pick up more :)

  5. i love charms ! Swarovski ,, also make some cute charms =)


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