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Monday, 14 June 2010

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Figleaf...

With flash Without flash
The consistency is moisturising without being too oily.

It's a nice nude colour that isn't as pale as some of the others I have tried and therefore doesn't make me look as ill as some of them. Unfortunately, I find that it's not quite the right colour for my skin tone and that it almost goes on a little dark with a purpley undertone.

However the lippe itself is pretty nice in consistency so I will always be happy to mix it with another.


  1. Looks lovely :) might have to go and have a peek at it xx

  2. Wow Fig is like totally brown on me, funny how lipsticks can look so different on different people

  3. @Lauren - well it's nice and cheap so it's always worth a try!

    @Maxime - how odd!! Although it did seem to have darker undertones than other nudes I had tried.

  4. This looks lovely! Thanks for sharing ill be deffo picking this one up :)



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