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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hey there you lovely followers.

I noticed this morning that I was on 52 followers meaning I had hit a little milestone overnight of 50 followers. Yay!

Thanks to all you that take the time to have a nosey at my blog and leave your great comments - I really appreciate it!!

To show you my appreciation I will be posting a 50 followers giveaway soonie so you have the chance to win some goodies!

Also, I will also be posting a blogsale shortly so keep your eyes peeled *_* It will mostly be clothes with a few beauty products.

Thanks again!

Giddy Princess ♥♥♥


  1. Woo I was your 50th Follower!! Love the blog, congrats on your milestone :)


  2. @ stolen thunder - yay!!! thanks for being my 50th!! you are my first milestone follower! x

    @ lauren - thanks lady :D x

  3. well done 50 is a lot :) Hope you get many more you deserve them :) xx


  4. @ roshas and Nicola-x - thanks ladies xxx


I really appreciate your comments and read every single one!