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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hey ladies, I'm feeling pretty excited this morning for two reasons.

1. It's my birthday this weekend, and
2. I am ♥LOVING♥ the look of the new Pure Colour Collection from Estee Lauder

Trying to do a bit a research it would seem that the general consensus is that this is going to be available from August 2010, however some ladies in blogland have said July in Selfridges so I will be keeping my eyes peeled *_*

Tom Pecheux has come up with two mini collections called

Surreal Violet

and Blue Dahlia

♥♥♥Mucho excitedness!!!!♥♥♥
♥Me loves it!♥

My favey is the Surreal Violet eyeshadow palette. It's sooooo pretty but I literally want ALL of the lip colours and the two eyeshadows to the left of the Blue Dahlia palette!!

How about you ladies, which are your favourites? Will you be buying anything out of this collection?

I can't wait until it arrives in the stores so I can mix and match!


  1. I have a post coming up this weekend with some swatches. Keep an eye on my blog.

  2. Advance happy birthday! :)

    Those lippies sure look pretty. So I can pretty much understand why your coming from when you said you wanted to pick up all the lip colors. ;)


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