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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hey there beauties !

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the lovely birthday comments you left me last week when I was M.I.A. They were lovely xxxx

As you can see I'm now back after having the most amazing birthday weekend. I truly have the best boyfy, friends and family. I was utterly spoilt and can't believe how lucky I am!!

So what did I do? Firstly I finished work early on Thursday and got new hair...

Then I went home and had drinkies with the fam. Very civilised so it was drinking champers with caviar outside in our back lawn in the sun!! Yummy!

Then on my actual birthday on Friday the boyfy and I took a little trip to Liverpool and stayed in a lovely boutique hotel. It was fandabbydosie!! The weather was divine so we did a little shopping, culture improving tate gallery viewing and sun sun appreciating al fresco dining and cocktail drinking on the docks.


Then in the evening we had an amazing slap up meal that probably left me a stone heavier afterwards and truly full up!! Hehe, we still had room for one or two further drinkies in the dark at the docks!!



Then on the Saturday like any girlie girl I went out for drinks with my girlies and sipped cocktails and free champagne whilst camera posing all night!! Fun times!

And my gorgeous girlie Amy had done this for me on her chalkboard at her house for when we all went to hers before going out too!

Also, going back in time before my birthday on Wednesday I had tea with a couple of my goregous friends and the little lovelies had got me a cake and sang happy birthday to me when I went round for tea last week. Soooooooo cute!! HUUUUUGE birthday cake times!!!

" geekin'ell!"

Oooo and tonight I got ANOTHER cake from the fam with candles and singing because they had not been able to give me it with me being such a busy birthday girlie!

So I think at this stage, all that remains to be said is that I am such a lucky girlie to have such wonderful caring and thoughtful people in my life :D xxx



  1. First of all,happy birthday hun! :D Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! You look stunning in those pics,by the way. And you made me hungry :P
    Tonia xx

  2. Awww thank you hunni xxx
    I made myself hungry too!!! hehe :D

  3. I spot a seriously cute top in your first photo, where from, do tell!! Not to mention the dress, I die!! Looks like a perfect birthday celebration doll :)

  4. happy birthday!dress looks cute! and that cake looks delish!

  5. Glad you had a fab birthday hun ... you look lovely on all your pictures .. and that chocolate cakes looks yummy!


  6. What a memorable way to celebrate your birthday! You and your boyfie looks good together.:-) btw you have a very cute and creative blog:-)

  7. Happy Belated birthday! You look so sweet and happy in the pics :)) ANd the cake looks divine!!

  8. @Dollface - awww the top is from Miss Selfridge chick!! It's super cute! hehe. Dress is Lipsy! It was a perfect little birthday weekend :) xxx

    @thhjasmine, @Stacey, @MINAKICHU and @Tali - thanks lovely girlies!!! The cake was sooooooooo yummy!!!! :P

  9. Aww belated happy birthday to you! That cake looks delish :)

  10. u look so cute holding that knife xD
    happy belated bday :) xx


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