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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some of you girlies who follow me on twitter will have already seen my new hair colour through twitpic. Some of you were even nice enough to comment.

The colour I used was Garnier Nutrisee - Deep Reddish Brown shade 3.6. I wanted to do a quick post on this hair colour and the results I got because I had not been able to find anything online prior to using it.

So here is a mini collection of the pics I have taken in different light to try and show you the results...


After - in car - sunny day (warm light)

After - inside house - natural light

All pics were taken without flash so you can see what it looks like in natural light. What I will say is that when I do use flash it looks REALLY dark. More dark dark black/brown than anything!!

Initially I was dissapointed because I just thought it had gone a dark brown like colours usually do on me. But now I love it! It looks red in daylight but not too red and it kind of compliments my skin tone. It's also good because certain colours I didn't wear before on my lips I can now!

I have heard about colours running with Nutrisse and this ran a little bit when I washed it yesterday, but I have VERY pourous hair and so every single hair dye I have ever used does the same so I am not very objective on this point!

Anyone else used this shade?



  1. your hair looks gorgeous! and your make up looks really pretty in your photos too :)

  2. Your hair looks gorg sweetie :) I've just come across your blog and I'm loving it!

  3. love love love your new colour!

  4. you are beaauuttiiful! I love that pic of you on the top left! :) xx

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments ladies. I really appreciate it xxx

  6. I Love this color, seriously It looks amazing on you.

  7. Just discovered your blog today. You are so pretty!

  8. @ little miss

    awwww thank you hunni!

    Just had a sneeky peek at your blog - I love it!xx

  9. late comment ,, but i love the new color ,, look super nice =)


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