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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

As promised time for another foundation review girlies!!

This time it's L'oreal High Definition Smoothing Foundation, part of the Studio Secrets Range.

This foundation is designed to capture the light and deliver a flawless satin-soft result. Because of the high precision brush it should smooth foundation into the skin, resulting in perfectly even coverage.

The inspiration for this foundation is Linda Evangelista, and let's face it she would be pretty much anyones inspiration with skin like this!** Divine**

However, as new foundations usually let me down I didn't try this for a while but Superdrug reduced if from £15.99 to £11.99 last week so I thought "go on then!".

I was super excited to try it when I got home! It's amazing the rollercoaster ride of trying a new foundation. You have the up of the hope and promise of amazing skin, followed often by the down of it not providing the results!

There were no instructions on application with the product. I know we all know how to apply foundation but I still found some on their website because of the brush attachment...

1- Shake well.
2- Load the brush with foundation.
3- Dab the foundation onto the five key areas of the face (around the eyes, on the sides of the nostrils, the chin, the forehead and the cheeks).
4- Work in with the brush, smoothing out from the centre of the face towards the temples.
5- Work into the contours (eyes and jaw) for a perfect result.

I don't follow this exactly completing steps 1 -3 with a little of 4 but then blending the rest with my fingers. I then added Clinque Blended Face Powder all over the top. (Normally I would use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil but I have literally just run out and can't buy until Friday! The result is then in between the two pic's below).

The below pictures are of the foundation alone and then with the powder on top.

Not quite Linda Evangelista eh!!

The coverage is much sheerer than they describe. The finish on the first picture is very "dewy". It is supposed to be luminous, radiant and glowing. But it's one step away from looking like I've spent the day sweating at the beach.

Despite this I still really like it!

I am really embracing my skin at the moment, so without the powder, this is a new look for me. It gives a youthful effect to my skin making it look smoother and fresher. It's also great for when my skin is feeling a little dry skin because the forumla is so moist.

If you have problems with your skin such as acne this perhaps wouldn't be ideal. Firstly, because of the highlighting effect it could draw attention to problem areas and secondly, its not the most hygenic of ideas with the brush being attached!

What is fab about this foundation is that you can pop in your bag and touch up your makeup without the need for moisturiser or a foundation brush! It lasts pretty much all day and smooths my skin wonderfully.



  1. Thanks for this review! I think your skin looks gorgeous on the first photo! :3

  2. I'm loving your foundation series!! This is one of my favourite foundations too - not quite HD but it really does make my skin look great xx

  3. @sugar sugar - thanks, glad you like the review lady :D

    @ georgina - gld you are liking the foundation series!! I am having fun doing it!
    It's not quite HD you are right, definitely something about it that sits nice on the skin though! x

  4. I wanted to try this the other day but I couldn't find a good colour match, how disappointing :(


  5. Has this been discontinued? I couldn't find it in Boots today!


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