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Monday, 21 June 2010

Good afternoon my sparkling lovelies

Today is Summer Solstice and the sun is shining accordingly!! Yay!

It is now officially summer. Sunnytimes ahead??? I would like to think so. See when I think of summer I think of this...

However,usually it ends up like this...

And given that it is Glastonbury Festival this weekend you can almost guarantee rain. Even if the weather forecast says sunny!

I still prefer to think of my summer as full of sun, beaches, golden skin and coral lipstick and so here are my top essential products for the summer...

♥ Sure Natural Minerals Pure Deodorant
♥ Primarni Sunglasses (ok so these are RayBans but mine are £1 primark versions of...)

♥ Kirby Grips and Hair Scrunchies.
Yes I know Scrunchies are totally uncool - but so is avoidable broken and distressed hair from normal hairbands.

♥ Monoi Oil - for shiny hydrated skin, or mixing with instand tanning products
♥ Razors - for OBVIOUS reasons!
♥ False Tan so I don't look pastey when baring the legs!

♥ Barry M Nail Paint in Pastelly colours - it's so summery!
♥ Black Maxi Dress for when I want to be relaxed in the sun.
♥ Blister Plasters because I always get a blister somewhere!
♥ Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant Cream - to get rid of the blisters and double up as lipbalm!
♥ Eyedrops - to sooth my dried out air con abused eyes *_*
♥ Bare Minerals Foundation so that my skin is covered without being unable to breathe.

What would your summer essentials be??



  1. You should come to Greece then!!Thats the summer like here!!!Hugs

  2. Sounds like I SHOULD go to Greece!!

    *Looks for holidays to Greece*

    Haha, if only I had a little more spare cash! I so want a holiday!


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