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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hello again girlies!!!

How are you today?? I am darn good again because the sun is shining! Yay!

So I wanted to talk to you about my first Eyeko "haul". I ordered:-
Eyeko Cream and Tinted Cream Set, Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in brown and received Fat Balm in Raspberry for FREE with order!

I have never used Eyeko products before, but the creams were recommended to me by @thindarella on Twitter, so I had to try!

So I thought I better do some swatches for you ladies that may be like me and never tried any Eyeko products...

Fat Balm - no flash
Fat Balm with flash
And again with stronger flash
Fat Balms and Creams - no flash
With flash

You like??????????
Well, I love each and every one of these products!!! I was so happy when I tried them! I now use the graffiti pen everyday - it's perfect for lining my eyes without them looking too "done".

I used the creams for the first time properly on Sunday night when I was doing my "going out" makeup. And they are divine making my skin glow without being greasy - and they are so moisturising! I've even gone without primer today! LOVE IT!

And I love the Fat Balm too - its really nourishing on my lips and although it's a tad darker than I normally use I really do like the colour on!

I would recommend purchasing all of these product as they are all fabulous and I will definitely be buying them again.
If any of you ladies did want to take advantage of the Fat Balm offer that is still on you can get to Eyeko here and you can always use my Ambassador code (E8679) ;D
I have found a new love!!

Giddy Princess xx

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  1. Never tried Eyeko stuff yet! the packaging threw me off..haha..but seeing so many ppl testing them out and loving em, i might try it soon too..=)


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