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Saturday, 5 June 2010

So this isn't a usual post in that it's a restaurant review but here goes.

Oh and this is my second attempt because blogger lost my last one as I was posting it!! Grrrr.

Anyway. Me and the Boyf went to Leeds last weekend and stayed in the Park Plaza. We had heard good reviews about this restaurant, which is within the hotel. So we thought we may as well go.

Chino Latino describes itself as a modern Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant with a Latin cocktail bar.

So yeah, its modern and yeah there's a bar. It does look semi-swish when you walk in but I think that is down to the lighting more than anything.

Anyway, the food. Ok, so I was very dissapointed with this. I ordered something called something like "3 baby chicken" and let me tell you it was baby sized. My plate literally came with teeeny bits of a chicken, mostly skin and hardly any meat. I didn't even enjoy it. No side with it and it cost £17.00.

The boyf ordered steak. They didn't even ask how he liked it done and it therefore arrived overcooked and continued to cook because it arrived on hot stones! This was more annoying than a novelty. Oh so yeah, chewy meat for £22.00.

Thank god we had ordered a side of noodles (which was the best part by the way)or we would have been starving!

Finally, we ordered cocktails to drink and they didn't even arrive until after our food was served which in my book is a deal breaker alone.

So in short. It was rubbish and I am urging none of you to go unless you have money to burn and enjoy less than average food. We dropped £60 odd quid and spent all night in a p*ssy mood because of it. Which was a shame given we had been looking forward to our night in Leeds so much!


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