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Friday, 25 March 2011

Gosh it's a while since I have used these bad boys! Well not these precise ones but extensions in general. Found a fresh pack that I had saved in the back of my wardrobe the other day - I was very excited!

They are Dream Girl 100% Human Hair Extensions, shade 4.

I'll be honest - the pics above are just of me messing around with them. They are just draped around my shoulders. However, I think I will sew them up, sew on some clips and keep them in reserve for nights out. I'd love to wear them daily - but I just find them too high maintenance. Plus I feel a little too done up. This is simply because EVERYONE knows my hair isn't this long.

When I did used to wear them in the day though everyone would always comment on how nice my hair was. I'd always reply by saying "it's not real" haha - I always have to tell people I am faking it.

Anyway I know it was very fiddly when I first made my first set of extensions all those years ago, so I wondered if any of you fancy me posting a step by step guide of how to sew on the clips etc for extensions and how I apply??

Any of you girlies already wear extensions? Daily, or night's out?????
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  1. I used the Dream Girl ones too! But i've finally thrown em away as my hair has actually GROWN to the same length! Its so weird having long locks for once! Great Post hun x x

  2. u look great with longer hair! those extensions are a keeper!

  3. wowee you looks absolutely gorgeous with long flowing locks! You should grow your hair like that :) xo

  4. you look amazing - they really suit you! xxx

  5. Wow, long hair suits you so well! I also have extensions but I'm too lazy to wear them everyday z=

  6. Thanks ladies :)

    I would love to be able to have it this long naturally but I have been trying to grow it for 6 years and can never get passed mid-length hair :(

  7. They look so natural! You suit long hair :) I'd wear extensions daily if any of them matches the texture of my hair. They're either super sleek or kinked - neither of which works well with my hair :/

  8. They look like your natural hair! I love this length on you

  9. When my hair was short I would use long hair extensions when I went out but I would always by self consiuos that people could tell they were fake lol
    ps-where did you find that shirt? Its so cute!

  10. you look so beautiful in these pictures! very fresh, amazing skin :)

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