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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So you will recall from yesterday that I said I would be giving this product one more chance using my gloves only as the mitt and my bare hands appear to be soaking up all the product, meaning I end up with no tan the following day.

Therefore last night I applied using only the latex gloves. My skin felt very very tacky as I climbed into my bed last night, but I can handle that if it means that I will have gloriously tanned skin the next day.

I don't.

However, it is a little darker than the day before which is good at least. It's annoying though because when I am in natural light I look the same colour as always.

My conclusion:-

I think that this is potentially a 'bad batch' as I have used the Mousse before and liked it. However, it has still put me off repurchasing another because even if it is around £3.00, it's still a waste of money if it doesn't really work. Plus, who wants to apply fake tan EVERY night just to get a little bit of colour. Not me.

Clearly, my quest for the perfect fake tan is far from over!


  1. I totally agree with you about St Moriz....there just isn't enough colour pay off for me to bother with it. If I wanted to look bronzed for a night out....I'd need to apply this 2 or 3 nights in a row beforehand. What a palaver! I think this product is really suited to people who really only want a subtle touch of colour! xxx

  2. St Moriz is my fave tanner :) I use latex gloves and smother it on and the next day I'm golden, and I always want a mahogany tan so it really isn't subtle at all haha. I couldn't love it more than I do :D x


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