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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hey there everyone.

Hope your Wednesday is going well. I am SUPER busy this week as I start a new job in a few days and I have LOADS of pre-reading and tests to do, eeeeeeek!!

Anyway, it's always nice to have a break so I thought where better to relax than infront of my Laptop reading a couple of blog posts and quickly posting one myself.

So from the title you will have guessed it's another one of my foundation reviews. This time is a Revlon Foundation. Now I used to use ColourStay foundations by Revlon years ago, when I was around 17 and it did used to look great, but it was paired with an AMAZING moisturiser Garnier used to do that they stopped doing near enough as soon as I realised how good it was!

Even still, I had seen a couple of girls were using this and liking it so I thought I would give it a go. First thing I noticed was that I found it really hard to find the right shade. But that is always the case with drugstore foundation buying as you can't do much but put it on the back of your hand really.

Anyway, here is the result of the foundation on my skin:-


Well I'll tell you mine. I think this foundation is a bit "meh". It's not bad, but it's not great either. When I put it on my skin it does even out my skin tone, but it doesn't lift or beautify my skin.

You can see if anything it looks a bit dull.

Another thing I found when at a wedding a couple of weeks ago was that it makes my face look a really weird colour in photos using flash. To try and explain the below picture shows how white my skin looks. From a distance it is more of a greyish colour. It's really not flattering on my skin tone for whatever reason.

So there you have it. Not one of my favourites and not one that I will be turning to regularly I don't think. Shame really, it used to make my skin look so smooth.


  1. I feel the same about this foundation, I always used to think it made my skin look worse than when I was wearing nothing though. Nice review! xxx

  2. I'm the complete opposite on Colorstay. I use the one for dry skin in Buff and I love it! So much better than Photoready which I completely dispise lol xx

  3. great review!i always see good reviews on this, nice to see a different opinion!x

  4. i always encounter problems like this when i'm shopping for drugstore foundation, it's so hard to get the right shade!

  5. I always find it hard shopping for foundations as my shade of skin changes too

  6. I have this foundation and I'm in love with it!
    It's not really for summer, but I think it would be my daily foundation in winter


  7. YES!! That is sooo how I feel about the foundation too and everyone always jumps on me for it..honestly I could care less for it and it gives me such a ghost face in photos..I almost thought I didn't have the right shade..then I got MUFE HD and ahhh...HEAVEN!!


  8. i have colorstay in i forgot
    what color but its basically the
    1st foundation i have EVER tried,
    im more of a powder foundation
    kinda girl but i do use this
    foundation about 2/3 times weekly
    if i go somewhere and it works
    quite good, the thing is since i
    dont have any experience with any
    other one i dont know if im
    missing out or if i could
    possibly love a foundation.

    who knows. ;o

  9. I kind of feel the same way as you aboutb this foundation...it's ok but I won't rave about it. I especially feel it's far to heavy for my skin at the moment. I think the ghostly case in photos is because of the SPF in it, as this tends to be a theme with SPF foundations. I'm definitely appreciating a lighter foundation look for summer :)


  10. I have a love/hate relationship with this Foundation. I don't know if how it looks on me is affected by hormonal changes or just seasonal changes, but earlier this summer, this foundation looked great on me! I was using the color Warm Golden. Now, when I wear it, it makes my skin look blah!!! Oh well! I'll keep it and mix with another foundation that is too dark for me.


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