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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have been planning to do this review for at least a month, but I wanted to have used the product properly and provide pictures, but it's worth the wait I promise!

Now I'll be honest - I've never really understood the whole gradual tanners thing. To me if you want a tan get a self tan - not a moisturiser that gives you a hint of orange and makes you smell like curried biscuits!

However, the lovely people at Xen Tan sent this product to me to test and having heard soooooo many fab things about them I approached the product with an open mind.

What I found
Firstly, it smells divine. I mean I could sit there and smell it all day. It's kind of fruity and sweet but not too sickly. Even the boyf likes the smell. Result.

Secondly, it's so easy to apply. I just squirt a load into my hand and rub in. Like I would with moisturiser I suppose. It leaves my skin feeling a little tacky at first, but it dries quite nicely after that. I suppose it feels like a thick moisturiser on the skin.

Thirdly, it really is moisturising. My skin feels so much nicer for using this than my normal fake tans.

So, how it actually tanned my skin...
Hmmm, what can I say... AMAZINGLY! I am so impressed and a little shocked.

My first application was Saturday morning and then Saturday evening. On Sunday morning I reapplied, but seriously if you have fair skin I think you would stop there! Here is what my skin looked like after two applications:-

Definitely tanned!! Yipee!

I applied again on Sunday night and here is the result after applying last night:-

Amazing or what!? You can literally keep building the colour, but it's a nice colour too - not orangey or dirty looking. I love that my chest looks tanned for once! Usually self-tans don't work well on my chest or neck. My chest and neck are now a lovely tanned brown.

Also, I have been using it on my face which is now a lovely even golden colour, without the horrible blackhead effect you get from using brown based tans when it gets in your pores.


I am definitely not a gradual tan covert, but I am a Xen Tan gradual tan convert! This product can effectively be used like a self tan. As I like my skin to be quite dark, most tans don't show up to be the colour I want without a couple of applications in a row anyway.

My plan is now just to probably use this in winter alone and probably apply a self tan with this as a base or use it over the top the next day to prolong the colour.

Especially because by now I would normally be getting patchy skin as the normal self tan wears off!

I absolutely love this product and would recommend it without a doubt. I am now so excited to try other Xen Tan products, as I just think if the gradual tan works like this what must their self tans work like!?

If you fancy it you can purchase the gradual tan here for £14.95.


  1. Sounds great! I have heart good things about XenTan aswell but never tried. I get the concept of gradual tanners if it wasn't for the smell. Wyhy would you go through that everyday if you're gonna smell like biscuity fake tan....but you say this doesn't smell so I'm very intrigued! xxxx

  2. Ooooh, I use this too - and love it (also use their mousse intense self tan, rave, rave, rave, heh!) ... it looks like you took to the colour really well - you've got a gorgeous tan on your tootsies missus :)
    a x

  3. i've never been tanning or tanned
    at home since im perfectly fine
    with my skin color BUT my neck is
    definitely pale-r than my face or
    arms, everytime i wear my FACE lol,
    i have to bronze it up if im
    wearing an open top that shows my
    neck area, ugh i hate it i wish it
    would just be a little darker, i
    should go lay in the sun and cover
    everything except my neck lol.

  4. Sounds interesting!


  5. Wow that does look really nice! Does it leave skin dry? Have you tried St. Tropez? I'm using St. Tropez bronzing mousse which is really good!
    I'm thinking of trying Xen Tan aswell to see the difference :)

    Monica xx

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies.
    @ Nic (WarPaintGuru) - it's really worth a try. I was really really pleasantly surprised and fab because you don't stink after using it!

    @ Monica - it doesn't leave my skin dry at all. Far from it! It's really moisturising which is one of the best bits - fab colour without dry skin!! Yay. I've also tried St Tropez in the past, but it brings me out in a rash and I find the colour quite light on me.


  7. I didn't even know Xen Tan did a gradual tanner - would love to try this out!! Great review, as always.

    Have a lovely week x

  8. i've heard loadsa good stuff about this product too!
    It's definately on my shopping list :)


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  10. I've tried a rake of gradual tanners and haven't found one I really like except the Garnier one, do you find Xen Tan drying at all? I find even moisturising fake tanner dry out my skin very badly :( I'm tempted to try Xen Tan as the colour looks amazing!

    I tagged you in a post at Click&Make-Up

    Kat x

  11. The tan looks great! Great review there. I've got a Lancome tanning lotion but I'm a tiny bit skeptical (and scared) about it.

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