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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Finally, I have got around to doing this post...

Quite a few of you lovely followers requested that I do a post on my weight loss, following my post in which revealed that I had recently lost 30 lbs. Basically I put on 30lbs whilst studying 3 years undergrad and then working full time whilst doing postgrad for 2 years following this.

Rather than go into an essay like post about this I thought that I would basically outline what I did, how long it took and show you some before and after pictures.

If you want any more information at the end of this post you can email me at giddyprincess@gmail.com or leave a message in the chat box at the top right of my page.

How did I lose the weight?

I had on numerous occasions decided I was going to eat healthily in the past and the most I had lost was around 6lbs, as I wasn't really dedicated and didn't really know what I was doing.

This time was different. Basically I had seen quite a few pictures where I didn't recognise myself anymore and felt that my health was beginning to suffer due to me entering the unhealthy weight range within my BMI. (You can calculate your Body Mass Index here.)

I took myself off to a weight watchers meeting near my house and begun the Discover Plan. To do this I paid £17.95/month for an online plan which also allowed me to go to meetings each week locally and get weighed.

Many of you have probably heard of weight watchers, but in case you have not the plan allocates a you number of points per day, determined by your weight, height and lifestyle (ie. active or not). As each food has a points value, you are then to try and stick within your points allowance.

Things like many vegatables have a zero points value and as such I found sticking to this plan pretty easy once I got going. To be successful at the plan, I believe that you need to be quite organised with your meals. As I am often out and about I found that I had to stick to similar meals regularly, but this did not bother me as I always ate things I enjoyed and the weight loss each week kept me motivated.

Typically, I ate crumpets with weight watchers jam or weight watchers yogurt for breakfast, weight watchers soup some low point crisps (eg. squares, french fries, snack a jacks) and count on us chocolate mousse for lunch, then a stir fry or meat and roast veg or pasta and a tomato based sauce for evening meal. Not too bad eh!

How long did it take?

I began the journey in September 2009 and reached goal at the beginning of February 2010. I ensured that the weight loss was gradual, but also steady. I lost weight nearly every week and I did not put weight on at all.

This isn't easy and I saw many others struggle with losing a couple of lbs and then putting the same back on the next week, and repeating this cycle a lot. I do believe determination is key in embarking on a journey like this and I kept motivated by setting mini goals of when I wanted to lose so many lbs by.

What I will say is that for the first couple of months I barely drank. To me it just wasn't worth it and I believe this had a massive impact on me having steady weight loss. (Not that I drink a lot generally). In additon, I took up walking 3.5 miles a day, which is my walk from home to work. It takes me 50 minutes. It took me that long queuing in traffic so I was so glad I began walking in the end. And yes, I did it through all the snow and ice. Now that's determination

Tips I would give?

Enjoy it. If you don't see it as a chore and see it as a change in lifestyle, which results in you feeling happy with increased self esteem, you really will succeed. It's all about having a positive mental attitude towards eating better and losing weight. And of course the joy with weight watchers is that if you do have events coming up when you know you will be eating out, drinking etc you can save your points by eating well in the week prior to it. Therefore you don't feel guilty when you do have a bit of a binge.

Where am I now?

I am maintaining the weight loss and finding it pretty easy. I am around a size 6-8 depending on where I shop and wear petite clothes wherever I can. Previously I was around a size 12, which is course pretty average, but with me being small in height (5 foot 1) I was still overweight for my height.
I do eat healthier now but I also have treats most days but I make sure I remain active and if things start to feel a bit tight I don't buy anything new, I eat less and exercise more and find the next week everything feels a good fit again. It really is about changing your lifestyle.


*Goal Weight*
*Goal Weight again*

Weight at Uni around 3 years ago

Weight a year ago (heaviest)

I would like to finally add that the reason I felt that this was a necessary path for me to take was because I was always petite and quite athletic in build training in sprints and long jump, whilst also being heavily involved in lots of other sports when I was younger. Therefore I feel much more like my normal self now and quick myself for not having done this sooner. But better late than never.

Hope those of you that were interested found this post useful or informative. I hope I didn't offend anyone and if you do wish to ask any questions about any of it please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sorry it ended up being an essay anyway!!


  1. well done for loosing that weight healthily! you look fab! & I am at uni and I am the heaviest I have been in my life! I think I need to start looking after myself you are an inspiration!

  2. I lost 25-30kg in 2008. But I don't recommend the way I did it, because I didn't eat too much and I felt sick, I had to take some extra vitamins 'cause I felt like vanishing always...
    Definetely not a good way to loose weight.


  3. omg you look amazing!! you seriously have such a gorgeous figure! congratulations.. you've worked hard and you deserve it :) i love how inspirational your post is! keep it up (you look gorgeous either way xx ) x

  4. omgash girlie! you look so beautiful even in the before pictures, that dark greenish dress is banginnnn!!!

    wow you give me so much hope, i just started this past monday i got me a little elliptical machine and i plan to loose 30 pound by christmas time and reading you post makes me feel even more confident that i can do it since you did it in around 5 months as well, im SO excited for this and i hope i can do it and start of 2011 fresh and feeling the greatest i've felt! :D

    thanks for the post, <3!

  5. wow! u look amazing! congrats on the weight loss!

  6. I put on 5 stone over 3 years which was a mixture of leaving home, going to uni and going on the pill injection which I've now come off. I started eating more healthily and I did loose weight and can now fit into a skirt which didn't fit me before but in June I had a week off for my birthday and stuffed my face and that week is still going on!

    After reading your post it's now give me the drive to start again. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  7. amazing post and very helpful ,, thx for sharing

    and you look amazing now =) bravo .

  8. This is a really inspirational post, thanks hun! You did look great before too, esp in that gorgeous green dress, but of course you look amazing now! It's nice to hear about people succeeding through sensible diets like WW. I've determined that this is the year I'm going to get back in healthy weight range, and soon as I get back from holidays I'm going to start either WW or slimming world. x

  9. Congrats on your weight loss! Being a fellow shortie I know how even being few pounds overweight shows on us :( You look amazing now, well done x

  10. Hi, sorry if you put this and I missed it, but what was your starting weight and end weight? Just wondering as I am am petite too at 5'2".

    You look fantastic by the way :)

  11. Great Post hun and well done on your weight loss! You lookd absolutly stunning in the green dress and of course you look stunning now! I really wish i could be as motivated as you, i would love to loose a few pounds. Hopefully soon i can find some motivation! x

  12. Totally inspirational! Proof that it can be done in a sensible and healthy way :) Great post, which I'm sure will help lots of people.


  13. Wow you did so well! It must be a university thing because i'm a student and also the heaviest i've ever been.
    I've started running as often as i can but finding eating well so difficult. Might just give weightwatchers a try, thanks for this post :)

  14. Thanks for putting up this post and writing about your experience! I am about to undertake a weight loss adventure of my own and this definately gives me hope!

    Thanks sweetie xxx

  15. well done you look great! i lost 2 1/2 stone but then once i got pregnant i put it all back on so im not having to start again. i loved reading this post :)

    ive tagged you check out my blog :) http://lora505.blogspot.com/

  16. well done you look great! i lost 2 1/2 stone but then once i got pregnant i put it all back on so im not having to start again. i loved reading this post :)

    ive tagged you check out my blog :) http://lora505.blogspot.com/

  17. Great idea for a post hun! Congrats on all your hard work. I also lost about 2 stone on WW. I really think it's the easiest way for people to lose weiht if they are determined! It taught me so much. Everything in moderation and keeping busy! xxxx

  18. wow. that is so awesome! you definitely look amazing..

    this was a truely inspiring post =)

  19. Thanks for sharing with us! It was very helpful and motivational. Congrats on your weight loss!


  20. You look amazing hunny. I really need to get my act together and lose some weight. I am going to take away some of your tips and tricks.

    Wish me luck. x

  21. what an amazing achievment! well done, you look amazing xx

  22. You look really good and im so happy for you! I just found your blog and im really very proud of you since I know how hard it is to lose weight as well. I also know what you mean about feeling like your normal self after losing the weight. I am about 5'1 as well and I gained a bit of weight over a long period of time and just started actively trying to take it off recently. I've lost 12 lbs and i am so happy to say that my jeans no longer pinch me =) The goal now is to KEEP it off! I have been a bit tempted to just say "eff it" to everything lately but this post gave me that little push i needed to keep going =) thank you!!

  23. Thank you so much for all your comments. It really inspires me to hear that this post has inspired so many of you.

    Thanks again so much. It's lovely to get such a positive response. xx

  24. I need to loose around 30lbs but I'm just so lazy! It's awesome that you had the strength to stick with it! It's crazy but you look years younger after your weight loss

  25. I love posts like this... they are so inspirational! I'm about 5'1 too and the ideal dress size is 6-8

    Sami xx

  26. wow you look great! excellent job : )


  27. How amazing! Great job! :)
    Your body is absolutely stunning.
    You're 5'1 too! We need to share fashion tips hehe.


  28. i loved reading this post.. so honest and intriguing.You look real good... welldone.


  29. Hi

    I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say this post has given me such inspiration.

    I am 5ft 3ins and currently a 10-12more of a 12 though. I used to be a definate 10 sometimes 8 and I so want to get back to that.

    Seeing those pictures have really made me realise I can do it.

    I love the picture of you at Uni you look gorgeous.
    How did you lose the weight?

  30. I know is comment is super late but I have just seen it now and am super inspired! First of all, well done! You look amazing.
    I had a baby about 4 months ago and ballooned! I have lost about half the weight but am still working hard to shed the rest and your post has really motivated me so thank you for sharing it (a long time ago but hey, it's all good!)

    Ekaete xxx

  31. Wow girl! Congrats! I've gained 15 lbs in the last year and am looking forward to losing it. I'm 5 foot even, so it is a lot of weight on my frame. I used to walk all the time when I lived in Mexico but moving back to the states, I live a much more sedentary lifestyle.



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