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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Morning ladies!

I know this is a slightly unusual post, but like a lot of you I am sure, I struggle with finding a well fitting bra.

So today I googled a few queries I had in relation to why my bra behaves in certain ways!!! In doing so I stumbled across a fabulous section on Bravissimo's website that I just had to share with you.

Basically there is a section on their website called the perfect fit. It's really really good. Gives you great information about what a bra should fit like exactly and information like why your straps dig into your shoulders.

It also gives you info on what bra style you should use depending on the type of neck line you are going to wear. Sounds obvious, but actually, it's not. Particularly when you use a one type suits all approach like me!

I have found it to be really useful and now know where I am going wrong, so I am off to try and find a smaller back and bigger cup!

Link to the website and all the info is here.
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  1. Cool site! i shall check it out, although i usually go to M&S for a measure, havent been in a while so thanks for the reminder lovely. xx

  2. I love Bravissimo! They do some lovely bras and it made me feel and look so much better once I had been and gotten fitted there! :)
    Those tips are great..I hadn't looked at the website in a while so thanks for that hun!:)

  3. great site!! every time I go into victoria secrect they offer to measure me..they get a different size everytime..LOL..i don't know how that happens..I have been the same size for years now..good ol
    34C..anywho..this is great info!!


  4. Wow good section, I haven't been measured in a while will have to check it out.

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  6. Ohh very interesting, thanks for sharing! xx

  7. I tried this, too and I´m very happy with my new "size" ;)

  8. Great website. It has great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  9. great post ,, thx for sharing ,,

    i got measured few times to a 34C

    then i got fat and went a cup bigger to D

    then i lost weight

    and the bras got a bit loose ,,

    need to measure again ,,

  10. i remember when Oprah did an entire episode on this. i don't think i wear the right bra size so i'll have to find out. thanks for posting this!

    i follow you now; feel free to check out my blog and follow too!


  11. i always feel like my bra doesn't fit me=/ thanks for sharing!



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