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Monday, 2 August 2010

Ah fake tanning, the bane of my life. What a pain it is trying to find a tan that isn't so expensive I end up skint for the rest of the month, yet not too cheap that it doesn't work or causes me issues.

Most of the products I have used in the past don't give me enough colour after one application, and yes I am including both Fake Bake and St Tropez within this category too. Therefore realistically I probably need to tan every other night/couple of nights a week to be the colour I desire. So if I dislike a tanning product it's probably not going to get used because I can't spend every other night feeling so horrendous I can't sleep. (I tan before bed)

So back to St Moriz...

What I like:-

*I can use it on my face without irritation or breaking out.
*Dries pretty quickly into the skin
*Brown not orange toned colour when applied a couple of night's in a row
*Doesn't have that nasty curried biscuits smell most other tans have
*Super Cheap (around £3.00)
*Doesn't streak when rub in so I can put it on and leave the house if needed

What I dislike:-

*Unless I am religious with moisturising day and night this really dries out my skin
*The colour is not dark enough from one application for me
*Spray Mist is a little tricky to apply as the nozzle tends to spray one small area
*If I reapply a lot in a short space of time my skin just ends up scaly and patchy, I have to seriously exfoliate to get rid of it all and start from scratch.

I have used St Moriz using gloves, bare hands and tanning mitts. I like using a mitt because it ensures that the application is very even and takes less effort. However, I have also found that when I use the mitt for the mousse it simply doesn't work. I have no idea what the problem is but the next day there is no difference what so ever.

In addition, whilst its dries quicker and is easier to use, the mitt absorbs the product in a similar way that your hand does, meaning the colour goes on darker when just using latex gloves.

I have been dissapointed with the mousse in general recently. I had been using the spray because that was all I could get hold of, however after using the mousse with the mitt and my hands I have noticed that there has been no change in my skin colour. I am going to have one last go with the latex gloves tonight and hope for the best. Otherwise, I will be back to the spray and more likely than not back to using more expensive products!

That said, I would recommend this for anyone wanting a cheap false tanning product because it does provide a more realistic colour than so many of the others I have tried and because it is so cheap it's worth just seeing what you think. I have tried much more expensive tans and been very dissapointed.

I did hope to be able to show you some before and after photo's but they have not come up very well so if I manage to capture some I will add on as an update.


  1. Great review! I like this product


  2. Great review! I loveee St Moriz, but i find it fades a bit patchy which is annoying! :) xx

  3. great review, im going to give it a try x

  4. It's really interesting to hear a review that isn't 100% glowing about st moritz for once. I still want to try it but I'm having trouble finding it - there's never any at my tk maxx.

    Sofia x

  5. lovely review! :)
    i personally don't use fake tan but i've heard about this mousse, ALOT. it's nice to see a different opinion for once, great post! :)

  6. I think this product is so overrated. I dont get any colour from this! I initially thought i had a bad batch so bought another bottle but i still got nothing! If i applied it a few nights in a row i only got a subtle hint of colour. Not a fan at all x


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