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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hi all!!!!

I wanted to share with you a nail polish remover I recently bought from asda.

It cost around £1 and it works wonders.

Here's a quick photo diary of it in use:-

Amazing. It literally takes one pad to remove ALL my nail polish. So it's going to last ages! And also, it has a slightly oily texture, meaning like unlike normal remover, it doesn't leave my nails dry yet still allows me to apply new nail varnish without any problems.


Its called Asda Skin System - nail varnish remover pads. You get 25 pads so they are perfect for holidays or when staying away from home (although I will just be using these full stop from now on!)


  1. wow looks great! Shame asda is so far from me. Although I'm sure mum will make a back to school trip... i shall hint to her xx

  2. what a great find! ill definitely have to check it out :) and pads are so much more travel friendly!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I'm soo lazy when it comes to taking off my nail varnish so this would be perfect for me x

  4. Thanks! This is good to know! I always have trouble taking off nail polish!

  5. I've got that! It is very very good, though it smells so much stronger than other nail varnish removers! x


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