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Saturday, 7 August 2010

I purchased Grazia this week and as I was flicking through I found a sample of TRESemme's colour protection shampoo and conditioner inside.

I didn't have high hopes for the products, only because I don't tend to steer away from Redken shampoo and conditioner because I have been left disappointed in the past. Also, because my hair is Afro-Caribbean it has a tendency to snap and get really dry which means I need to really look after it.

As I coloured my hair around 2 months ago I decided to give this a try anyway and see just what kind of effect it would have on my hair.

The first thing I noticed was that the shampoo smelt lovely although it was a little reluctant to lather. I had anticipated this and have experienced it before so I kept some shampoo back and once I had rinsed out the first lot, the second application of the shampoo lathered nicely.

The product is thinner in consistency than my normal shampoos and therefore I think I would have used a little more product than that supplied with the sample to know that my hair was really clean. That said, my hair was perfectly clean when I came to dry it.

In relation to the conditioner, I was happy with this. It was thick and my hair felt smoother and silkier as I rinsed it out.

Despite this I still felt that given my hair can require a lot of styling it would probably be unmanageable as a result of using this.

How wrong I was! Shocked. My hair dried as normal and straightened as normal if not better. It felt soft and smooth and looked shiny, richer in colour and healthy. Normally I am left with a frizzy unmanageable mess if I try something new!

Here's a pic of my hair after straightening it. (It's not the best at showing the shine because it was taken with my phone, but I am away from home at the moment and cannot use my camera). Still though, I think it looks good all the same ;D and 12 hours later it still looks good and and feels divine!

I would definitely recommend this product I feel that it left my hair feeling soft and manageable and also enhanced the colour highlighting the different shades of browns. I am definitely much more open to trying cheaper shampoos and conditioners after this little joy of an experience!


  1. OMG, I would have never known that you have some Afro-Caribbean bloodline in you. You look completely Anglo to me, but you're still gorgeous! :)

  2. Hehe I just found this sample aswell! Good for taking away on weekend breaks. I swear by Tresemme conditioner. I really love the thermal protect one. And your hair looks very straight for Afro-Carribean! Do you need to chemically straighten it out? xxxxx

  3. Your hair is beautiful and you're so gorgeous! xx

  4. That's awesome! It's always nice to find shampoo/conditioner that works and doesn't make the hair heavy or frizzy.

  5. I actually like their shampoo and especially the conditioner! :)
    I have to agree that your hair does look pretty good!!! :)

  6. Thanks for your comments lovelies!!

    @Nic (WarPaintGuru) hey lady. No I don't chemically straighten it at all, I used to every three months but I've not done it for around a year now. It RUINED my hair. The prob now is that I step outside and it does tend to go prett kinky so I clip it up mostly for work. :D

  7. Don`t forget to redemm your Grazzia voucher for an eye pencil! I haven`t tried the samples yet...

  8. Love your haircut and color!


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