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Friday, 20 August 2010

Those of you who have been following me from the early days may recall I did a post on hair lightening, reviewing Jolene Creme Bleach.

I use this for the dark hairs on my face and have found it better than trying to find a suitable removal method.

Following this review, quite a few girls recommended the Boots version advising it was cheaper and didn't sting unlike the Jolene version.

So of course I gave it a try. It comes with what you can see below and then you mix equal parts of the formulas into a paste.

I found this product to be a little less effective than the Jolene version (picutres from Jolene review can be found here). The below pictures demonstrate that the hairs had been lightened but were not as light as they could be.

However, I was still happy with the result. Boots's version did still sting me though so I must have sensitive skin. Bleaching has always stung my skin though so it doesn't worry me, it just would have been nice for no stinging!

The downside to Boots' bleach was that the result did not last as long as with Jolene. I noticed the hairs going darker again within around a week and a half, whereas with Jolene it lasts around 3 weeks.

Therefore, I will continue to use the Boots version until I am finished, but after that I will be going back to Jolene Creme Bleach because the effects last longer. And lets face it, what girl wants to spend one night a week bleaching the hair on her face!


  1. Great review. I used to bleach the hair on my upper lip...now I've opted to completely remove that as I didn't want a 'stache! I'll have to keep this bleaching kit in mind for future use if needed.

    BTW: I tagged you on my blog. It's the Happy 101 Tag going around!!

  2. I can see a difference! My skin is so sensitive I can never use these types of products. Boo. Thanks for the review :)

  3. I really never knew you could bleach the hairs on your body! That sounds so much easier than constantly having to get rid of it! Is it expensive?

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Monica xx

  4. I use this Boots one too! I bought Jolene and never got round to using it. The whole powder mixing thing put me off. With the Boots one you can easily judge a 50-50 mixture of creams by making the blobs the same lol!

    Great review hun x

  5. I've been using Boots Expert Hair Lightener for years. I used Jolen in the beginning but found it difficult to get the quantities exact each time which led to variable results.
    Boots on the other hand is super easy to use, really easy to mix large quantities for the body and doesn't sting. I leave it on for ages (40mins) to make sure I get more complete bleaching and it's never irritated or stung my skin.

    HOWEVER, Boots have discontinued this product due to low sales.

    If you use this and would like Boots to consider brining it back, please please please email them.

    I really don't want to go back to Jolen and the alternatives such as Veet don't sound so safe. The Boots hair lightener is the only one with consistently good reviews.

  6. i m from moroco how can i get it ??


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