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Thursday, 19 August 2010

So this evening I have been a bit of a geek and took pics with a couple of the new products I have tried within the last week. This being one of them.

I was lucky enough to be sent the waterless foam and dry shampoo to try for review purposes last week and being used to dry shampoos already, I was itching to give the new waterless foam concept a go.

The product is for dry, frizz prone hair. Which mine is. I just put lots of serum on it to try and tame when wearing it straight.

I had noted that a couple of other bloggers had said the product was a little heavy for their hair so I made sure I was extra careful about application. The idea is that you apply 2-3 pumps of the product to mid length hair. I'd say my hair was around mid length but I stopped at 2 pumps, which looks like this...

For me this was plenty.

My hair looked like this prior to using the waterless foam shampoo...


The ends of my hair are always dry(ish)so I knew that to distribute this from the roots to the ends I wouldn't need any more. I basically ensured that the product was on both hands and then stroked it on my hair over the top layer to the ends and then the rest that was left on my hands I stroked through my hair - particularly at the hairline at the front.

The instructions suggest you should blast your hair with a hairdryer after use. I did this but with a large paddle brush so that I was also restyling my hair. Following this I straightened and voila!

Smooth looking fresh hair.

What I particularly liked was that the product did not make my hair greasy as it had with others, but it smoothed it down at the ends and made it look nice and sleek. My hair looked shiny and healthy as a result of using this and I now plan to use this instead of dry shampoo and dry shampoo leaves my hair feeling... well, dry I suppose!

I like this product because it does mean that I can freshen my hair (it smells divine) without having to wash it ALL the time. Which hopefully means that I can continue growing it and keeping it healthy rather than stripping all the oils away by washing it too much!
I would definitely recommend this product and would urge people to have a go with it because for me it worked wonders. If in doubt, I would start with less product than you think you need and build up to the required amount. If you have really fine "normal" hair then perhaps this product isn't for you. However, I don't know about you but I know plenty of girls with thick hair that would love this (one definitely being my sister), and besides - I have fine hair really, there's just quite a bit of it, so it definitely does work!
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  1. Ohh this is the first time I've seen this and look brilliant! I really want to try it, shall look out for it tomorrow! xx

  2. this looks really good! deff going to try it out! xx

  3. I was so sceptical about this but it looks like it works amazingly well...a definite future purchase!

  4. ooo this is the first time ive seen this ... will defo have to have a wonder over to Superdrug tomorrow :)
    Great review huni!


  5. oh my goodnesssssssss!!!!!!!!!
    this is gorgeous! you have just
    convinced me to go get this haha xD
    it looks just as it would after
    styling if you would have washed it

  6. I used this for ages and compleatly forgot about it.

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  8. I really need to try this, haven't seen it in boots or superdrug though. Can't wait to get my hands on some! x x x

  9. I actually really really didn't like this dry shampoo as it did nothing to suck out any oil from my hair.. my best friend hated it too.. We just liked the smell. I can't believe you're really liking it! Can I ask how often you wash your hair?

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  11. I have to try this!


  12. I LOVE this!! it is a way better idea than the dry shampoo! idk if they sell it here yet :(


  13. This looks good, but I'm so annoyed I didn't pick any up while it was half price in Boots the other week!

    Your make up looks lovely, what eyeshadow have you got on in the "After" shots?

    T x

  14. this sounds such a good idea :) xxx

  15. I was thinking about this stuff the other day because as much as I love Batiste, in the heat sometimes you need something a little more drying to soak up the (yuk) grease!
    Great review, thankyouplease!

  16. wow I haven't heard of this product. I usually swear by Batiste dry shampoo but I will definitely be giving this one a whirl too! Thanks for the post xx

  17. Your hair looks great! Mine was greasy and sticky and I didn't use very much! Mine is going straight in the bin! Great post xx

  18. wow!! looks like such a fab product!!  great review :) xx


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