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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last week, after reading a couple of posts on Primark's autumn 2010 collection I was ready to don some ski boots and take a trip to the mountains!

There was a real wintery feel about it with the chunky knits and fur collars. I'm all about wrapping up in winter so I love it when fashion allows for stylish warmth.

Anyway, as a result I planned a winter trip to Center Parcs (I can't really afford skiing at this stage) and had a look at what the high street is offering my winter wardrobe this year.

Here is what I found:-


*my favourite of all*


River Island

Miss Selfridge

New Look

See why I am excited!? I am absolutely loving all the fur look coats and chunky knits and then all the beautiful dresses at Miss Selfridge. I seriously cannot wait.

For me I am most impressed with Primark. They have more than out done themselves this year with looks that could compete with the other high street stores. We all love a bargain, and I know where I will be heading to pick up some bargainous woolies!


  1. Ha ha, I was planning on doing a similar post to this. Great minds think alike eh?! I'm super excited too, I'm really looking forward to winter for some bizarre reason this year!

  2. Waa~! I like most of the outfits!
    But there aren't those shops where I live...


  3. How exciting! I love (faux) fur so I am looking forward to buying some key winter pieces. My fav is the furry aviator jacket :-)

  4. Arg! Those are nice winter stuff! Sadly, in Australia, summer is approaching... :(

  5. i particularly love the primark stuff! so fashion-foward and you won't catch a cold either, always a plus hehe :)
    the river island stuff too has taken my fancy (love the satchel) however i don't think anyone will be wearing that leotard out in the cold hehe! ;)

  6. I love chunky knitwear. Winter is probably my favourite season fashion wise x

  7. Im so excited about Primarks new line! It looks great! :) x

  8. New Look's a/w stuff looks a bit disappointing, am looking forward to when Primark start bringing out their stuff xx

  9. I have to have the primark fur gilet thingy! the biker jacket also looks amazing. Great post! xx

  10. Fall is such a great season for light jackets. I love all the outfits.

  11. I'm actually looking forward to fall fashion. This summer heat isn't so enjoyable! :]

  12. omg how gorgeous is that chunky cardi from Primark :) I hope i get my hands on that ... expect it to be a very fast sell out! I think my favourite season has to be autumn i love wearing chunky knits!

    Fab post!


  13. love love all the different looks and photos!! i am so exited for fall!! wonderful post!!


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